A Single Tear

1. Chapter One by LoneWolf13 (R) [Reviews - 2]
Characters: Nick, Greg, Catherine
Genres: angst, drama
Warnings: violence
Summary: It starts out as a seemingly normal day at work until something goes terribly wrong. (This is my first fanfiction ever! So please read and review. Constructive criticism is welcome, and it was UnBeta'd so all mistakes are mine.) (2050 words)
2. Chapter Two by LoneWolf13 (PG13) [Reviews - 0]
Characters: Nick, Greg, Grissom
Genres: angst, drama
Warnings: none
Summary: Greg stays at the hospital with an unconscious Nick. (1364 words)
3. Chapter Three by LoneWolf13 (PG) [Reviews - 3]
Characters: Nick, Greg
Genres: romance, drama
Warnings: none
Summary: Nick finally wakes up. (1759 words)

This story is completed.

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