Release: Release

by Serenity

You push me up against my front door and I fumble my keys and miss the lock, my trembling hands less to do with the alcohol that I’ve just consumed and more to do with your body flush against my back, your hardness pressed almost painfully into the base of my spine as you kiss and bite at the sensitive skin behind my ear.

Finally I get the door open and we tumble through, laughing and grabbing at each other. You pull me towards you so hard that you knock the breath from my lungs, but who needs oxygen when you’re kissing me like that, like you‘re possessing me. You smell of other people’s cigarette smoke and taste like stale beer but I don’t care because I know that I probably taste the same.

You lick your way down my neck, pulling impatiently at my shirt, trying to get it off without taking time to open the buttons, they pop and fly off in every direction. You push the material off my shoulders and continue your journey downwards, mouthing and biting and sucking every inch of my chest and then abdomen as if you can’t get enough of tasting me.

“Bedroom.” I manage to gasp as I pull you up to standing again and we stumble awkwardly towards the room, still completely entangled in each other, your tongue tracing swirling patterns against mine.

You push me down, roughly, onto the bed. I hit the mattress so hard that I bounce up a little and you use one hand to hold me in place and the other to paw at the zipper of my jeans, finally liberating my straining cock. It surges upwards, fighting to be free of the cotton restraints of my boxers, already flushed and weeping. I’ve been half hard all night just watching you, and I wonder if you’ve been the same.

“Strip for me.” I command, enjoying the view of you from this vantage point. You stand back and pull off your shirt and jeans as quickly as you can, tossing them aside. Your thick cock is outlined by soft grey cotton and there’s a small damp patch at the head where precum is already oozing out. Oh yeah, you want this as bad as I do. You pull the boxers off and throw them onto the bed.

You grab hold of my jeans and boxers and yank them off with one fell swoop, leaving me completely naked, hard and wanting you. I scrabble in my bedside cabinet for condoms and lube, trying to find them without taking my eyes off you as you kiss along my thighs, your tongue making the soft hair damp against my skin. You trace a path along my abdomen before taking my length in your warm wet mouth, taking me deeper and deeper into your throat with every suck.

You reach a hand up for the lube, never missing a beat as you continue to keep me in delicious torture with your expert tongue. I drizzle some onto your outstretched hand and you press one slippery finger against my tight ring. You let my throbbing cock drop from your mouth and it bounces up and hits my stomach with a soft slap. “Let me in.” you demand and I feel you push through. I shiver as you add another finger, scissoring them to make sure I’m open wide enough to take you.

“Turn over, I want you on your knees.” You grab my hips and twist me, I move until I am bent before you, my weight balanced on my hands. I hear the soft rip of foil and the snap of the condom being rolled down your thick shaft and I know to brace myself.

“Are you ready for me?” you ask, and I feel the blunt head resting between my cheeks.

“Yeah, do it.” I moan, gritting my teeth against the sharp burning as you stretch me out, filling every inch of me. “Oh fuck yeah….” you grunt as you start to move, a hand on each hip to gain optimum leverage as you thrust harder and harder into me, the stretch almost painful and yet never enough, I want more and more of you.

I feel sweat break on my skin, our thighs making a slapping sound, wet flesh hitting wet flesh. I struggle to balance all my weight on one hand, using my free hand to make a fist around my aching cock, the friction such a relief as you continue to plunge deep into me.

“Fuck, you’re so tight, so good, I’ve been thinking about this all night.” You murmur into the back of my neck, flicking at my earlobe with your tongue. Your thrusts becoming rougher and more erratic, hitting my prostate each time. “I’m going to make you come so hard that you forget your own name.”

“Fuck…. Yes!” I call out, gripping my swollen head tightly as the bundle of nerves inside me becomes more and more sensitive. I feel my balls hitch as white heat floods my belly and all too soon I’m spilling sticky seed all over my hand and my clean sheets.

My muscles instinctively clamp down on you as I come, and this seems to push you over the edge and with three last powerful thrusts you release, filling the rubber tip with a forceful shot. Your cock twitches inside me as you’re coming and I wish I could feel you without the rubber between us.

You collapse on top of me, pushing me down onto my stomach, my chest sticking to the damp patch on the bed. “Fuck, I needed that.” you pant, rolling off me, ripping the used condom off and throwing it in the trash can beside my bed. “Me too.” I gasp, trying desperately to catch my breath.

You sit up and move close to me, and for a split second I think you’re leaning across to kiss me, but you’re only reaching for your underwear.

“This has been great, thanks.” you smile as you stand up, pulling on the boxers. I gather every ounce of courage I have, patting the bed beside me. “You don’t have to go." I say in a small voice. "We could get some sleep and then maybe we could go out and grab some breakfast or something.”

You turn and look at me, something like amusement in your eyes. “I don’t think so.” You pull on the rest of your clothes, searching under the bed for your other shoe. I pull the sheet around my naked body, shielding myself from you. “I just thought……”

Your voice drifts up from below the bed. “Listen, this was fantastic, we both needed the release. But that’s all it is. Just sex.” You find the elusive shoe, and before you raise your head again I fix a fake smile onto my face and I hope you can’t hear my heart shattering into a million tiny pieces. “Oh, yeah, I know that. Just sex.” I say flippantly. Not love. Definitely not love.

“Yeah, it’s just a one time thing, OK? You do know that, right?” You look at me, concern flashing across your face.

I nod, the fake smile still firmly in place. “A one time thing.” I repeat. “Yeah. Of course.“

You finish getting dressed, check yourself in the mirror and smile at my reflection watching you. I pull my knees close to my chest, trying to blink away the stinging in my eyes, wondering if it can still be classed as a one night stand when this is the fifth time we’ve done this, the fifth time I’ve been left sitting here, watching you leave once again. The fifth time I’ve promised myself I’ll never let myself feel this used by you.

Notes: So, it’s Nick and Greg. Or is it Greg and Nick? I’ve left it deliberately ambiguous so that you can read it through and decide for yourself which way round you want this to play out. It’s all up to you.

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