Peach Juice Scandal: 1/1

by LoneWolf13

It was Nick’s break time and he was currently seated alone at the table in the break room. The sound of the door opening caused his head to jerk up, and he saw Greg enter with a ripe peach in his hand.

“Mind if I join you?” Greg asked.

“Not at all” Nick replied.

Greg gave Nick a toothy grin before turning his back to Nick to wash his fruit in the sink. Of course Nick couldn’t help but stare as his eyes traveled down the curves of Greg’s body stopping on his ass, which was clad in tight jeans. As soon Greg began to turn back around Nick pretended to look interested in the scraps of newspaper littering the table. Greg flopped awkwardly into a chair across the table from Nick and began to eat his lunch. Nick glanced upwards as Greg’s white teeth sank into the fleshy peach taking a big bite out of it. Greg began to slowly chew and Nick saw his tongue escape his mouth to lick up some stray peach juice. Nick began to concentrate on the newspaper again mentally scolding himself for being turned on by his colleague. He could hear the sounds of Greg munching on his meal and Nick figured one last look couldn’t hurt. His eyes flicked up just in time to see some peach juice dribbling out the side of Greg’s mouth. Nick watched as Greg wiped the small rivulet of liquid onto his finger and proceeded to lick it off, wrapping his tongue around the digit, cleaning it of the sticky peach juice. Nick closed his eyes to avoid being further turned on by the erotic image of Greg’s tongue sucking his finger.

“You OK?” Greg questioned.

Nick’s eyes snapped back open.

“Yeah I’m good G.” Nick said hurriedly thinking of an excuse. “I just remembered I forgot to log some evidence. I’ll see you later.” Nick began to get up out of his chair and head for the door.

“Alright. See ya.” Greg called to Nick’s back.

Greg was certainly a messy eater, but Nick didn’t mind at all.


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