It Was Hot: 1/1

by NVenus

It Was Hot

The usual disclaimer.

It was hot. Too hot. The scorching Vegas sun beat down on Nick’s back like a – a something that beats down hard. He had taken his shirt off because the weather was just way too hot out to leave the wretched thing on, and left the sweat soaked shirt in the back of his SUV. Bending over to collect a piece of evidence, Nick caught sight of Greg. Greg looked cool. Not just like status symbol cool as usual, but cool like ice. The weather, though it was clearly affecting Nick in the worst of ways, seemed to have no affect whatsoever on Greg. Nick straightened up as Greg walked over to him.

“Hey Nick!” He said, upon closing into his prey.

“Hey G,” Nick replied, sounding every bit as uncomfortable as he was.

“What nice weather we’re having.”

“Yeah, right G. Nice. It’s boiling out.”

“I hadn’t noticed. But I do see something that’s just smokin’”

“And what would that be?”

“You.” Greg said innocently. However what he had in mind was anything but innocent.

“Uh… me? You mean temperature-wise, right?”

Greg leaned close to him and lightly bit his ear.

“In every sense of the word,” he said mischievously.

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