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Reviews for Could have Been

Ann13 07/13/09 - 12:08AM 1: Could Have Been
Sequel!!! Please!!!! I beg you!!!!

pinkdollyz 04/26/09 - 10:38AM 1: Could Have Been
sequal would be good....maybe Greg becoming a suspect :O would be interesting!

gregs_lab_rat 01/17/09 - 09:57AM 1: Could Have Been
omg the only thing that could make this better would be a sequel...greg starts working at the crime lab maybe?! very well done it was so sweet and hot, just the way i like my nick and greg stories x

xXxHiddenINtheLinesxXx 01/04/09 - 07:41PM 1: Could Have Been
*fans self* WOAH....*drool* Can I suggest something? You don't even have to read it or anything, don'teven have to consider it! But, um, can I say how awesome it would be if...oh....I dunno...Greg (Gray, whichever) quit the band....and Vegas...? *grin* *squeel(* Bah...anyways, I love tihs story, very cute (and hot!) and sweet (and hot!) and sexy (did I mention hot?). Mama mia, well, keep it up! :D

EvenStar 10/20/06 - 07:55PM 1: Could Have Been
Very sexy.... I enjoyed it... but I can't help but want more... I know open the box and set the evils free while hope remains inside... I just can't help it I have to have what's in that cursed box....

csi_nikki 03/10/06 - 08:56PM 1: Could Have Been
so cute! i feel so sorry for them for breaking up like that but they might have hope for the future. it was also sexy! MWAHAHAHAHA! ~nikki

anmani 10/30/05 - 04:11PM 1: Could Have Been
LOVE IT. You know I can never get enough of Greg being all sex like that. Definitely a 'sliding doors' moment. The way you describe their instant attraction is as overpowering for me as for the boys. Love you.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you thought Greg was sexy in that persona, I would give anything to see him dressed up like that!

dagsrommer 10/30/05 - 02:30PM 1: Could Have Been
Any chanche of convincing you to continue this story?
Love it!
Ah... I can never tell you enough how much I love your stories!

Author's Response: I'm sorry to tell you that this is the end of the road for this fic. It's because this is to be the one and only time they meet in this lifetime. They may do the whole 'exchange numbers' thing, but it's never going to work. I wanted to show that they were destined to meet at some point in their lives, but the world they live in now is actually better because they are together forever. Have you ever seen the film 'Sliding Doors'? It was slightly inspired by that.

Clockstopper 10/30/05 - 02:13PM 1: Could Have Been
Oh I love this so much. Greg as a rock star. Greg wearing eyeliner. And the sex between Nick and Greg... YOWZA! Loved it. Loved it to the extreme. Never seen any thing like this story so you get major points for being original. Add that to the points you already have for this being an AWESOME story and you like have a Gagillion points (That's a lot) Sorry, I'm around little kids and they really like point systems.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! *hugs my Gagillion points* I think that Greg would look sooooo hot like that!

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