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Reviews for Release

gregs_lab_rat 01/26/09 - 05:15PM 1: Release
ooooh i liked that, i read it through twice trying to swap the roles but in my head it seemed to make more sense for nick to be the one leaving and greg to be the one lying in bed but that might just be me. very good :) *claps*

black_cat 09/09/06 - 09:56AM 1: Release
It' interesting to decide who is who by myself. =) I'm excited how this is going on.

kinnetic 10/23/05 - 11:06PM 1: Release
Whew. This was steamy and I like how you let the reader decide which one's Nick and which one's Greg. I swear, every time I read it, I change the who's who around. It's fun! Nice job.

shacky20 09/10/05 - 07:12PM 1: Release
Just wanted to have my say here also, I love these kind of fics, you can put your own thoughts into it, you own spin, who dominates, who controls, who loves, great imagery and descriptions, Very very well done.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to come here too and review this *big hug*

anmani 09/10/05 - 06:07PM 1: Release
Wow, mind blowing boy smut, yummy. What a great way to write it. Never letting on who has higher hopes than just the sex. Beautifully done.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, it means a lot coming from you. =D I'm pleased you liked the ambiguity.

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