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Reviews for Norwegian Saunas

Elle 02/06/08 - 12:18PM 1: What's Your Type?
the thought of Nick seducing Greg is wayyy to cute AND hot at the same time! loved it *grins dazedly and promptly walks into a door*

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! And your review was a nice surprise today, thank you again. : )

itsxlexyxfoo 02/26/07 - 11:13PM 1: What's Your Type?
since the oscars were yesterday i guess i'm gonna give you an award for that being so damn hott! lol

LoneWolf13 01/20/06 - 12:26AM 1: What's Your Type?
That was too funny. Nick putting up an out of order sign! Absolutely priceless :)

anmani 08/23/05 - 11:43AM 1: What's Your Type?
Yippie, that was hot;-) Well written and I really liked the sauna-idea.

shacky20 08/23/05 - 11:26AM 1: What's Your Type?
Oh Goodie, I'm so glad you put this here, you have so found your Nick/Greg groove my dear, I knew you had it in you.

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