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Reviews for Nick's musings on Love

QueenOfTheUniverse 09/23/07 - 07:29PM 1: Nick's musings on Love
Perfect...just perfect...and yeah, Greg does have a strong soul, even if no one else sees it, I love that!

Madalyn Rose 11/11/05 - 08:59PM 1: Nick's musings on Love
Oh no! That was just wonderful and sweet and funny! I love it.

lament 08/23/05 - 12:19PM 1: Nick's musings on Love
I love it! Sappy goodness! Sorry I'm not more coherent, but I do love this.

anmani 08/23/05 - 11:29AM 1: Nick's musings on Love
Wow, that was really sappy. But what can I say. You write some good stuff and sometimes we all need something sweet. And it made think of all the things that I love about my man, sigh. He is just downright wonderful. Most of the time;-)

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