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Reviews for A Love So Good

SandersStokesLove 11/19/09 - 03:10PM 1: Good Morning
Oh. My. Gosh. That. Was. Hot. Wow, I loved it and can't wait for Good Afternoon. How in the heck did Greg hold on to the coffee cup? lol What's not to love about a bit of morning sex? I can't wait for more.

glo_starz 06/04/09 - 10:05AM 1: Good Morning
A nice bit of just-woken-up-smut! What more could youewant??

Author's Response: Why thank you! :D Hopefully you want more smut, which we're working on for the next instalment!

Lonewolfe001 06/02/09 - 01:48PM 1: Good Morning
so good, i read it twice.

Author's Response: Thank you! That's a real compliment! We're so glad you liked our story :D

Tuppence 06/02/09 - 07:21AM 1: Good Morning
Well that was certainly a Good Morning for both of them. I'm glad that Greg had his priorities right and was able to hold on to the coffee cup. And then Nick filling the cup for Greg. Such a true gentleman :-) Excellent story. Just the right amount of smut and fluff for the morning. I look forward to Good Afternoon.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and commenting! We're really glad you like the story. Nick....sigh...yes a gentleman to the core. Good Afternoon is already in progress ;) See you then!

happyharper13 06/02/09 - 01:42AM 1: Good Morning
Wowza. That. Was. Hot. Seriously, that was up there with Catlover's stuff for hottest smut I have ever read. Awesome job. And I loved how there was a motif of the morning and coffee and a constant mood and tone running throughout the whole thing. Very well written, in addition to being very, very hot. But how the heck did Greg manage to hold onto his coffee cup through that? Also, I'm kind of amused that you guys included a warning for slash. This is one of the only places where slash doesn't need a warning ;) Replace slash warning with warning for general ridiculously hot-ness and solve all problems. Can't wait for the next chapter! Awesome work, guys!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much for your awesome comment! Hottest smut...that's a real compliment and I (seshat aka egeria) am beaming. Stokes4Me came up with the idea and I did my best to make it come alive. We're so glad it's working! Oh yeah...the warning. Gotta fix that. Thanks! We'll see you next chapter for some even hotter smut. Hope you can handle it! :D

candygirl1uk 06/01/09 - 05:18PM 1: Good Morning
Hmmmmm interesting, and smutt and lots of smutt and morning sex, can life get better than that eh? Not been here for a while well like foreveer but i'm glad to see smutt is still here! well done on the first chapter of your colaboration? cant wait to see what happens AFTER they say good morning and morning sex. well done.

Author's Response: We tend to agree and think life just doesn't get any better than hot morning sex. But maybe it does in Good Afternoon? You will have to wait and see!! :D Thanks for reading and leaving your comment! We're glad you liked it!

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