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Reviews for First Dentist visit

ArtemisEmerald 05/15/09 - 01:32AM 1: First Dentist visit 1/1
That was sooo cute! I loved Oliver comparing Nick, Grissom and Catherine to senior citizens.

only_true_love 05/10/09 - 11:06PM 1: First Dentist visit 1/1
Awww so cute and funny. I just love Oliver so much. He got me laughing over his worry about false teeth and thinking Nicky and Grissom were in the same category (senior citizens). But my favorite line was the last (response to question of who is old enough to be an old person), Aunt Catherine. LOL. I wonder what her reaction would be if she knew that. :P *hugs and leaves gigantic baskets of double fudge brownies, Nicky and Greggo shaped brownies, and sugar cookies* :D

Tuppence 03/20/09 - 09:15AM 1: First Dentist visit 1/1
Cute :-) I loved the old age comment by Oliver :lol: 'Oh you mean like you and Uncle Grissom' :lol: Great story. I'd like to see more of this family.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. And don't worry. You will see more of them soon.

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