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Reviews for Purple Lamp

only_true_love 05/10/09 - 11:05PM 1: Purple Lamp
I soooo loved this story. And I totally remember that episode of Friends. But what I loved the most was the last question. Squeeeeeeees… The boys are engaged. *does happy dance* If only they could do something like that on the show. *hugs and leaves gigantic baskets of double fudge brownies, Nicky and Greggo shaped brownies, and sugar cookies* :D

QueenOfTheUniverse 03/20/09 - 07:24PM 1: Purple Lamp
A very ingenious way of proposing, I must say. I loved it! Nice work!

Lily G 03/18/09 - 12:29PM 1: Purple Lamp

jayceepat 03/18/09 - 10:17AM 1: Purple Lamp
Hmmm, I'm a little worried at some of Nick's answer's but the story is good. It's not easy to write in dialogue. You did a great job.

embracing shadows 03/18/09 - 08:21AM 1: Purple Lamp
Oh my goodness that's a little creepy! I was just thinking yesterday of doing a fic featuring that same game...and I got the idea from the same place! :) Oh wells, you got there first! I like it, well done.

Tuppence 03/18/09 - 06:22AM 1: Purple Lamp
I like :-) I loved how sneaky Greg was in getting Nick to say yes to marrying him :)

KatyDid 03/18/09 - 12:26AM 1: Purple Lamp
Hahaha, as soon as I saw the title my mind immediately went to Phoebe's game and then lo and behold, that's what happened!!! Haha, two of my favorite shows you've melded together here. Awesome fic, I loved the entire premise and the ending was so darn cute! Loved this.

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