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Reviews for In The Maize

only_true_love 05/10/09 - 12:29AM 1: Corny
HOT. Verrrrry smushy orgasmically, of a story. And they didnít even go all the way. Well except the dream. I almost forget the scary part, b/c *hotness* factor was so dead on. *fans self* *hugs and leaves gigantic baskets of double fudge brownies, Nicky and Greggo shaped brownies, and sugar cookies* :D

CarebearStare18 03/17/09 - 11:58AM 1: Corny
That was amazing. I pretty much love everything you write, so i cant wait for more from you. x

discoxwithxme 03/16/09 - 08:46PM 1: Corny
RAWR. That *was* funny. XD And, of course, undeniably sexy. ;D You did a wonderful job, as always, dear. Very nice thing to come home and read after a long day. :)

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