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Reviews for Don't Cry Daddy-O

only_true_love 02/05/09 - 11:07PM 1: Sequel
Awwwww Thank you soooooooooo very much for this. *loves my b-day pressie* I must also apologize for taking so long to read and review it. It is so nice to see you writing something happy. And I love Dakota and her calling Greggo Daddy-O. I wanted to hug Greggo so much when he called his mom to tell him about being in the field and what had happened to him. Fannysmackin’ is still very hard for me to watch, but how things carried on and how Nicky and Dakota were there for him made it so much better. If only TPTB would learn & show things like this. There are some lines I must let you know that I loved. The first was, “I don’t want you to get Trucker’s Butt.” That made me laugh just imagining Greggo getting it. And glad that Nicky didn’t want that either. ;) The lines, “Can we play Name That Chemical Compound, Daddy-O? That’s way more fun!”, just made me smile and remember the days when Greggo was still a lab rat and his love of playing that game. And when Greggo’s mom asked, “Is he really hot?”, I burst out laughing for some reason. I don’t know if it was b/c I was surprised or stunned that she would even ask that Nicky was hot. But on of my favorite lines came from Dakota, “Daddy-O sandwich!” And it wasn’t just b/c of what had happened before that. It was just such a cute line from an adorable character that who I was happy to see again. That all said I must squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and jumps up and down with happiness!!!!!!!! I had an inkling that was what Nicky was up to in the office, but I was more hoping then anything so I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy when I saw that I was right. The boys are getting married. *does happy dance* And I was so proud of Nicky of doing it in front of everyone too. *hugs Nicky, Greggo and Dakota* And I know I got my happy story from you but do you think I could persuade you to right a sequel with the wedding being in it??? *big hugs and big thanks for my b-day pressie* And of course, *leaves gigantic baskets of sugar cookies in the shapes of the boys, double fudge brownies and reg. ones* And saves to favorites. :D

Author's Response: I honestly think this is the longest review I've ever had. Ever. I mean it. But, I'm certainly not complaining. Not from a review from you! I'm glad you liked your present! If only TPTB would show this stuff... if only... You know, that Trucker's Butt came right from one of those episodes. It was something I'd forgotten all about, and when I heard it again, I just knew I had to use it for it's humor. A lot of scenes, well, ok, a few of them, were inspired from actual scenes from the show. Greg on the phone talking to his girlfriend was one of them. Yeah, I'm not sure why Greg's mom asked that about Nick. It just sorta came out, and had to stay in the script. I'm glad it made you laugh, since it was supposed to add a little humor. Hehehe, your squeeing has rubbed off on me and now I'm doing the happy dance too! Glad you liked it! I have a few ideas, since you're not the only one who wants more. So, maybe once I get some of my current works finished, I might write more about this lovely family. Dakota is definitely one of my fav kids, I can't help it. And now, your review has made me want to go reread it!

GrandMoffAmbrius 01/29/09 - 04:32PM 1: Sequel
I do not know where to begin. This is one of your best stories ever!! Emotional and powerful. It was an excellent combination of humor, happiness, and hardship. Dakota is absolutly adorable. Gerg is truely blessed to have her in his life. While I'm not a fan of the whole Greg attack story, I loved how you handled this story. Greg's reactions after the beating are sad and heart wrentching. But the way Nick and Dakota were there for him were beautiful. The way Dakota was there encouraging Greg during his first lesson was beautiful. Dakota is a remarkable young girl. Even though she is not Greg's biologicaly, she diffently his daughter. I think you have an excellent source of possible story ideas from this story. I would love to see Nick's family meet Dakota and Greg for the first time. Then there is Greg's family. I would love to see Nick and Greg dealing with raising their daughter inbetween this and "Don't Cry Daddy." I hope you will continue to write about this wonderful family. And I hope you to hear from you on what you think of my work. Again, a touching and beautiful story.

Author's Response: Wow... thanks bunches for the amazing review! This actually wasn't has hard to write as I originally thought it would be, and you're right, I do have other ideas that might work for this family. You're not the only one throwing suggestions at me, and I love them all! I really might write more in the future, but we'll see. I've still got some longer pieces to finish first. Anyway, thanks again for your review!

lil_love_fan 01/29/09 - 08:44AM 1: Sequel
Aww! That was so irresistably cute and sweet! I loved Dakota, and their relationship just seemed so believable and right. I should have been studying for my chemistry midterm, which I have in like 2 hours, but your story was a convient review! Now I don't feel so guilty putting my studies off. Just a really awesome story! I loved it!

Author's Response: What a great review! Thanks! Ha, and if only I'd written this when I was taking Chemistry... maybe I wouldn't have failed the class! Or if I'd had Greg teaching me. Yeah, that's it!

jewelbaby 01/28/09 - 12:53PM 1: Sequel
hi. I had to go back and read the Daddy don't cry, But i love this. Could we get some Toddler Dakota stories too? Maybe some where she's sick cause i love to see Nick worry over something lol

Author's Response: Poor Nick... making him worry like that... but alas, I have logged your suggestion into my Love idea file, so we'll see what comes of it. Thanks mega for the review!!!

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