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Reviews for The Sweetest Torture

GrandMoffAmbrius 01/23/09 - 07:34PM 1: Chapter One
That was an excellent use of deception. The selection of words you used made me think that Greg was teasing Nick while he was eating another creamy substance. :) But this is wonderfuly written. The humor in it is excellent. Keep it up. And I have responded to your reviews you left for me on Hear my prayers. I hope you like them. And I hope you do the same for California Here We Come.

Author's Response: Wow, I thought I had responded to your post! Thank you for your comment, yes I wanted the story to be misleading right up to the bittersweet end! :) It's evil, but oh so funny! I'll be back to read your stories when work settles down, looking forward to it!

only_true_love 01/19/09 - 12:44AM 1: Chapter One
Well I had naughty thoughts not realizing the truth at first. *fans self* That was very HOT and funny. LOL at the ending. *hugs and leaves gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* *adds to favvorites* :D

Author's Response: Thank you!! Sweet goodies...yum! (Nick likes sweet goodies!) I was really nervous about posting this story, thank you for laughing and for favouriting! :D

Yoshi 01/18/09 - 09:39AM 1: Chapter One
Oh I'll never look at one of those little beasties the same again. I meant a creme egg of course.......:-p Wonderful little teasing piece :-D

Author's Response: I know what you mean! I went to buy a Creme Egg the other day and had to pause to stifle my giggles! I'm glad you liked it, and thanks again so very much for beta reading!!

katlynn888 01/16/09 - 06:35AM 1: Chapter One
Oh dear! This was hilarious and strange and several other thingsa all at once and i'm not incredibly sure I should be mentioning that I hate Creme Eggs...? lol. But I love this one. -Lynn

Author's Response: Thank you kat!! I definitely wanted that mixed reaction from readers! I'm glad you liked it, and hey, you don't have to eat a Creme Egg to enjoy Nick found out! ;) I know I'll never look at another one without thinking about Greg and Nick!

Tuppence 01/15/09 - 09:33PM 1: Chapter One
Sweet. Very sweet. Now I think it's Nick's turn to torture Greg.

Author's Response: Ooh yes, I think that could be arranged!! :) Glad you liked it!

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