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Reviews for In Need of Assistance

GrandMoffAmbrius 01/14/09 - 08:12PM 1: Oneshot.
I was a little surprised at Nick's confession. I would think that he would belive in some form of existence after death. With his background and everything he has gone through, I total belive that Nick woud belive in something. His job may make him question but him just beliving that there is nothing after death and not beliving in wishful thinking seems to to go completly against his character. But I can admire your thinking. To have him just say what he belives to Greg makes you wonder. As for what has been happing on CSI, the show has gone to Hell in a hand-basket, excuess my language. It is no longer the show it used to be. It has lost the quality that made it's first few seasons excellent. As of Thursday, 15 of January, 2008, Grissome will be leaving the show. All that is left of the original team will be Catherine and Nick. I have not watched the show like I once did since the middle of the Sixth Season due to what the "powers that be" did to the show in the following seasons. The end of the "good" CSI ended with the Sixth Season. I am done with the show now but not with fanfiction. Sorry for the rant. I know you most likely were not expecting all of this on a review. But again, you did a good job.

Author's Response: Thanks for you thoughts about Nick and what you think he thinks on the afterlife. I needed someone to be the "there's no life after death!" person, and Nicky was just there, lol. Oh dear ... CSI certainly seems to be ... not so great anymore. I actually stopped watching it about two months ago because I just didn't want to watch anymore, sad as that sounds. I'm going to miss Grissom and Warrick, though. I, like you, am not giving up on fanfiction, though. Well, not entirely. It's just taking the very backseat at the moment. Thanks for the review! =]

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