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Reviews for GSpd-7 Hunt for Blue Diamond

happyharper13 03/18/09 - 03:04PM 19: 19/19
Okay, so I was re-reading GSPD #1, and came across this line: "They were still appearing together but less frequently by March of that year. And then the stunner; there she was on Davie Berman’s arm. A mobster, a friend of Bugsy’s. Bugsy Siegel, in case you didn’t guess. After that I never found another picture with Lily and Sam in the same frame. A guy like Mr X? He couldn’t forgive a public slam like that." Any connection between Davie Berman and Phillips? I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that the former has the same name as the actor (and researcher) that plays SuperDave on the show. Assuming there is a connection, I'm guessing that there's gonna be some major tension between Mr. X and David Phillips.

pretty_apathetic 02/20/09 - 11:47AM 19: 19/19
So I'm way later than I ususally am, but I'm a busier person. Doesn't change my review though! I finally got to finish this at about 8:30 this morning and I was NOT disappointed. Kudos to you, another great case. I don't know how you manage to keep everything straight! I loved it and can't wait for the next one. :D

Author's Response: I hope you're a busier person for a good reason! I'm glad you managed to plough through it and that you like it. I have to admit, before I posted it I wondered if it DID hang together. Sometimes I don't know how I keep it straight either. The fact that you think I did is a good testament. Thank you very much! I hope the next one won't take quite as long. :-D

happyharper13 02/03/09 - 11:44AM 19: 19/19
Wow this story was incredible. I look forward to seeing where you take the next one, especially with regards to a few things: a) incorporating other CSI characters (Wendy, Riley, Ray, etc.) b) SuperDave as a supervillain?! c) Blue Diamond d) Greg's relationship with Lady Heather Perhaps it's a bit out-there, but I also still wonder if it was really Mrs. Atwater that died, since she and Mrs. Braun clearly look very similar and could probably pose as each other if they really wanted to. When will you start posting the next story, and what will it's name be? I'm so curious and really can't wait at all for it!

Author's Response: Thank you! Wow, lots of questions! The other characters are coming along, they're all pushing to get in; except for Riley. For some reason, she could care less. But maybe she'll change her mind at some point. I have to finish writing it first, but I am actually writing it. And I don't know the name yet. Some of it will take place in Texas, where we're going to learn something about Nick's past, and then the chase will lead back to Vegas. I think that once characters come into Greg's noirdick world, they will stick around. Unless they die. Hee! I am so glad that you're curious. Sadly it takes way longer to write them than to read them. Sort of like cooking. But thank you for leaving such a nice comment. I hope you'll like the next one too! Always a worry. Thanks! :-D

Veze 01/14/09 - 06:56PM 19: 19/19
ok, I'll try with my poor english to let you know how much I've enjoyed it! First of all, I reread the GSPD 1 to 6 before starting on the 7th and I savoured every minute of it. Then the 7th Part... AMAZING. A complexe plot and many twists. I lot of hot love from the boys and Greg's melting slowly under Nick tenderness. WOW! I'm really looking forward for the vacation in Texas and another good case! What is it about the water? And Nick's a murderer? Can't wait!

Author's Response: Wow, your English seems pretty good to me! I wouldn't be too ashamed of it. I wish I could express myself nearly half that well in German. I am so glad that you enjoyed the whole series. It's lovely to hear that. There were a lot of twists in 7, and it took a bit of doing to work them all out. Yes, someone told me they appreciate my dirty mind. Hee! I think Greg is coming around; he knows that Nick is the one for him and he was so miserable after 5 where they broke up, I don't think he'd run the risk of that happening again. I have made a start on 8 and I hope it turns out well. Usually things kind of overlap into the next case, so I'll see what I can do about wrapping it all up. Thank you so much! :-D

Yoshi 01/08/09 - 06:11PM 19: 19/19
That was absolutely wonderful - what a ride! I've loved how you've developed the guys relationship and you can see Greg won't falter despite the revelation about Nick's past. There's so much hinted at about Nick's past in all of the GSPD stories, but nothing much has come forth - yet. What a way to end it too. I couldn't wait for Number 7, the wait for Number 8 will be agonising, but it will be worth it as you are such a skilled and talented writer. Oh, I'd just like to say thank you for making David Phillips the most dangerous man in Las Vegas :-) I can't think of anything else to say except I've adored every word of this, thank you again.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm sure that their relationship will continue to develop. I really like how you put it; Greg won't falter. He KNOWS Nick, he knows there has to be more to this story than Nick just deciding to kill someone. I am sorry that it will be agonizing, prob for me too. maybe I shouldn't do this soft cliffie thing. But thank you! I'm very flattered you would say so. Hee! I'm so glad you like that; no one else has commented on it but I thought it was funny, and besides, he has depths. What you said is perfect and lovely, thank you so much! :-D

jayfray18 01/08/09 - 12:29PM 19: 19/19
I have really enjoyed this series, and this one has been just as good, if not better than the others, but have to say you are a truly brilliant (at writing) evil person to leave us with that sort of an ending! Still it leaves me with hope that you'll contine on with the series in number 8. Thank you for a wonderful fic.

Author's Response: I am going to continue in 8, and it will be about what Nick did. ANd yes, I am evol. Don't you like that in a person? Hee! It's lovely to hear that you enjoyed the series. I hoped this one was as good, because I got pulled away from it and dropped it for a long time, because I couldn't concentrate. I was worried that maybe it didn't make sense, so I'm glad to hear that it did. Thank you very much. I shall look for you when the next one comes out. :-D

Lonewolfe001 01/07/09 - 01:40PM 19: 19/19
What an ending ? I hope your muses inspire you, cause I cannot wait to read GSPD 8. You are a very talented writer, and you are my favourite slash author. I hope Nick & Greg's love can survive whats going to happen next (does this mean the texas trip is not happening). So many people know about them, I hope they keep their mouths shut. I am sure Steven's figured it out as well. One does not go around carrying another man's apartment key. I hope Greg keeps the key (another relationship milestone). Rest well, you deserve it.

Author's Response: I hope you liked it. I try to keep it noir. I hope they do too, because I would like to write 8. I think it'll be an interesting case. Thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me. The trip to Texas is still on, don't worry. The next mystery started there and then went to Vegas and that's what the boys will do too. Or at least, that's how I'm picturing it. Well, I'm pretty sure that Stevens has figured it out, but you see how that gives him all the more reason to be Greg's ally? If he had to protect Greg from someone else, I think he'd be much more likely to. And yes, one doesn't. I hope he keeps it too, you know Nick wants him too. Thank you, I hope I will. xox

Tuppence 01/07/09 - 01:06PM 19: 19/19
First of all thank you for again entertaining us with an excellent story. I'm sad to see it finished but I'm also waiting for case #8 :-) It's nice to see that most of the loose ends have been tied up. But you have left us with a cliff hanger to start #8. I do hope that we will find out a bit more of Nick's background. Like why he doesn't like to be 'tied up'. I know you said you'd answer that one in another case :-) Brass is a very interesting character. He knows about Nick and Greg yet as long as they don't want him he's OK with their life. Brass certainly respects and likes Nick or he wouldn't have given Greg his file. Brass doesn't trust Ecklie even if Ecklie is in Sam's pocket. Sam's comment about him working for Nick just goes to show how proud Sam is of Nick. You can see the smile on his face when he talks about Nick. Does Sam know about Nick's past. I don't think he would judge Nick about killing someone because Sam has admitted a number of times that he himself has killed or has had someone do his work. Sam certainly doesn't trust Bonnie. He had Stevens go in to protect Greg. Greg means too much to Nick and Nick means too much to Sam and Greg. Sam is another interesting character here. As the story was winding down you can really see how Greg has become comfortable with Nick. I loved it when he called Nick 'sweetheart'. Nick was surprised but pleased at the same time. I truly could see the love and trust that the boys have for each other at the end here, not that it hasn't been evident throughout the GSpd series. Greg's comment to Nick about the killing 'Doesn't matter. I still love you.' It just shows that Greg is in this relationship for the long haul. Again thanks for the case of The Blue Diamond. Leaves out Nick and Greg shaped cookies for you to nibble on at your pleasure :-)

Author's Response: Thank you for being such a faithful reader and commenter! I'm glad you thought it was good. I'm always sad when they end. I've been thinking that maybe I do that cliffie thing at the end to ensure that I write another, because it would be just mean to dangle that and not finish. 8 will address some of Nick's fears for sure, we get to see a real vulnerable side of him. Brass does respect Nick, and knows he's a good man. I'm not sure, if he could actually prove it, if he would have handed it over, but he's made the decision not to pursue it. Sam does know about Nick's past, that's why Nick works for him. Yeah, Sam doesn't have any moral issues with a little thing like murder. Heh, it was so hard for Greg to say sweetheart; I hope it'll become easier for him, since he saw the effect on Nick. The love and trust between them is certainly growing. No matter how attracted Greg is to Nick, I'm not sure he would have had the same reaction if he'd learned this in case 1 or 2. I am so glad that you enjoyed it and thank you for all your lovely comments. Yum, irresistable, Nick and Greg shaped cookies. Inspirational! xox :-D

Dreama 01/07/09 - 07:25AM 19: 19/19
I love you right now so much. There was so much love in this chapter or in this story in general, so great. I of course like the idea with Nick taking Greg to Texas. That is so awesome, and he is such a great Boyfriend, so caring and concerned. And I know I have said it soo often, but well... I love Sam, They should never have killed him of the show, they missed out on an awesome character. he is becoming like a dad and I love the fact that he sees himself as Nick's weak point. I hope the next instalment won't take as long to get written, but of course I understand if it should. Because inspiration can't be fforced...

Author's Response: Mwahh! I love you too. Nick is a great boyfriend. He even is great enough to not protect Greg when he wants to. They NEVER should have killed Sam. I don't know what they were thinking. Next thing, when they end the show, they'll attack the lab and mow everyone down with uzis. Idiots. Inspiration can't be forced and neither can the cat. Hopefully I'll be less bludgeoned by RL this year. There is a lot of love floating around in this fic, but Nick and Greg are soulmates. There is no denying it. Thank you, sweetie. xox

little_miss_lazy 01/07/09 - 04:49AM 19: 19/19
i cant believe that its ended!! i love this series so much that i passed it onto my sister n she loves it!

Author's Response: I can't either. I never want them to end, which is maybe why I keep putting hints for the next one at the ends. I hope she likes it too! Thank you very much. :-D

Sanders1975 01/07/09 - 02:13AM 19: 19/19
I love This Series and can't wait for more. Before you start the part of this series your should update baby steps.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so glad. I shall try. I did start writing the next chapter, but RL intruded. I'll have to get back to it. Sorry about that. :-D

ciara__mist 01/07/09 - 01:56AM 19: 19/19
Oh that just an evil ending!! I absolutely *love* this series! So very much. I even got a friend who has never read slash before addicted to these. I can't wait for the next bit! *bounces with anticipation* ;D

Author's Response: Evol. *nods in agreement* It's sad but true, I am evol. LOL. I am so glad to hear that. I'm addicted to it myself, so I shall most likely keep writing it. I LOVE that you got a friend addicted too; does she like slash now? I hope so. It's nice to have a f2f friend you can talk it over with. I hope you enjoy! :-D

Dreama 01/06/09 - 05:40PM 15: 15/19
Oh. My. God. When Nick says 'Partners' at the end I think I died. So wonderful, and it shows yet again a wonderful image of their relationship. Okay, in fairness, the whole chapter shows a wonderful image of their relationship. When Greg is hurt so badly and then Nick comes and helps him and gets him to Doc and then guards his side all night and when the bad guys come and Nick is so übercool... totally awesome.
It is so like Greg to put his own health at risk just to check on heather and see if everything is alright. Okay same thing could be said about Nick, he would probably end risking his health for Greg, or others in that matter. I just love them, and I love your fic.
I am dying to find out what happens when they have to justify their actions in front of Sam, and Nick and Greg both standing grinning by the sideline. Okay not grinning by the sideline, but... close by. grinning. =)
Wonderful chapter, great written. It is great to have you back....

Author's Response: Aw. I loved that partners, esp considering what it means in modern times. I'm pretty sure at this point that Nick and Greg would do just about anything for each other, even if they do squabble. It's the kind of depending on each other that comes with trust, and even the squabbling, because you know how far to push and you know it won't mean the end. Greg and Nick have both shown strong protective streaks on the show. I think Greg would be worried about Lady Heather, even tho he has a headache. Nick was totally übercool. LOL. It's so nice to talk to someone who loves them so slavishly. Even if the fandom dwindles and the show ends, their love will go on forever, and why yes, I am a total dork. Thank you very much. I hope I won't disappear for so long again. xox

Lonewolfe001 01/06/09 - 08:28AM 18: 18/19
Sorry to hear that you were ill. I hope you are feeling better .Nick to the rescue. But he really has to be careful that his for love Greg does not give either of them away. i doubt they fooled Brass or anyone in that room that was paying attention. I cannot believe she tried to shoot Greg (thats the 2nd time she tried to kill him). I am glad she is died. There are still pieces of the puzzle missing,and I cannot wait to read the last chapter. I am interested to hear what Sam has to say. I cannot believe he still loves his wife and that he is content with letting her get away with murder. I suppose Sam does not share Greg's interest in justice. Well, I hope nurse nicky will look after Greg after he is released from hospital. I hope Ecklie does not win the election. What about the judge and Mr Atwater?

Author's Response: I am feeling much better, thank you very much. :-) It's true, they both have to be careful. I think that's why Nick didn't say anything or really even look at Greg. Hmm, as you'll see, I doubt Brass was fooled very much at all. Mrs Atwater is ruthless, she doesn't care who she kills, but she actually was aiming more at Bonnie. I bet she thought that Bonnie would think she wouldn't shoot THROUGH Greg, but Mrs Atwater doesn't care. Yes, there are still pieces missing, and some of them will remain missing because another person who knows part of it won't spill everything. I am quite sure that Sam has no interest in justice at all; he kind of metes it out to suit himself, doesn't he? Ecklie can't possibly win the election, don't worry. The judge will have to wait for another case to elucidate what he was doing, but you'll see. Don't worry, it's mostly loose ends that have to spill into another case, not the basic answer to what was going on. :-D

Dreama 01/06/09 - 04:21AM 14: 14/19
Sofia inspires Greg to pay his parking tickets, cute. I think when you meet different people they make you see things differently. I always liked Sofia, but she hasn't really made a big apperance this year.
I think if Greg ever need hepl or wants to recruit a team he would be more than successful, i mean he could recruit Sofia, Lilly, Heather, Nick wouldn't mind either I assum, and now even Mia, she mostlikely has potential as well. I always liked Mia on the show, and I like her in your story as well. You manage to bring out all their characteristics so well.....
I do assum that you already know what I think about the Nick/Greg scene, but since you always like it much more to have it in black and white I say it: Hot. I love the fact that the longer Nick is with Greg their relationship develops in so many directions and on so many levels. In the beginning it was all tiptoeing around each other and just fucking with each other *literally and mind-wisely* and now it's... well- still the same ocasioanlly. =) And they have phone sex, I love Nick. And I LOVE it that Greg lets Nick wait, ha talking about domination. Okay it is a bit mean of you to insert mr. Atwater right the moment when Greg wants to release Nick from the ... um... wait. He has his priorities not yet sorted I would say, cause if I was having Nick waiting for me like... um ... this, I def wouldn't want to eavascope on some dude, but get down to business. But yeah, could be just me. And I know it is Greg's job and that's how earns his money and he needs the money, but still..... =) Lovely chapter.

Author's Response: This is true, and also they affect how you feel about their names. I mean, you could know a Velma and totally view her as a 40's glamour queen, or if she was a mean person, you'd hate the name Velma. I don't think Sofia's been on at all this year. I'd heard she was making a pilot for another show, but they need to keep her. And Lady Heather, she's a total keeper. Heh, wait'll you see what Lily has up her sleeve for the next case. Greg will get Associates whether he wants to or not. Thank you, I'm glad you feel I'm capturing them accurately. They are still getting to know each other, but I think there's a huge level of trust between them. It kind of amuses me that they've both saved each other's lives and yet have hissy fits over lipstick. That was total defiance of Greg to make Nick wait, but also it's not just that he earns money through his job. To a certain extent, his success depends on luck, or awareness, or his ability to seize a moment and wring the truth out of it. WHenever there's conflict, there's a chance people will blurt something out that will help. Also I think Greg viewed Grissom very much as a lamb amongst wolves and felt compelled to rescue him. If Mrs Atwater wanted Grissom, putting him where she couldn't get him would just ramp the tension for her. SHe liked to win. So he had to snatch the opportunity and see what he could develop from it. Believe me, he would much rather have been panting with Nick. Or depanting. LOL.

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