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Reviews for Dressing Up

Madison 04/06/06 - 11:44PM 1: Dressing Up
Shacky hooked me up with this but I realise I have read this before! I love Spike/Angel and Greg as Spike and Nick as Angel totally rocks my boat! I can just imagine Greg with bleached blond hair, that red shirt, leather pants and smoking! Yum!

sparkleblsmchyld 10/25/05 - 03:46AM 1: Dressing Up
Okay, major points to you for citing the Angel/Spike slash canon! I would love to see the CSI boys dressed up like this. My god, what a visual!

anmani 07/15/05 - 02:12PM 1: Dressing Up
WOW. Your hot description of Greg... *drool* makes me wanna see the show too. Greg blond and blue eyes, the image is mindblowing.

Author's Response: I am a total Spike/Angel shipper so I always wanted to do a crossover! They would look so hot!

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