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Reviews for Sunrise

Elle 02/16/08 - 12:31AM 1: Sunrise
seriously, the BEST post-GD fic EVER! i loved everything about it...*adds to favourites*

kinnetic 10/23/05 - 10:47PM 1: Sunrise
"I tell Greg I love him all the time, and he knows that. He didnít need to hear it from a dead manís tapeĒ I just love this. I adore when people take a moment in the show and weave Nick/Greg into it. Very, very well done.

anmani 07/13/05 - 05:13AM 1: Sunrise
Brilliant. What can I say but brilliant. Everybody walking on eggshells around you when you return from a bad experience. Except for one person who treats you as normal and that is really all you want.

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