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Reviews for Dream A Little Dream Of Me

katlynn888 10/28/08 - 02:59PM 5: Dream Genie
have I ever told you how much I love the little world you've made up for them? Every story seems to connect to another. It's all prequels or sequels of one main time! 'cept for those few you wrote durring your "bets distraction" phaze. lol. Oooh. I bet the head was PISSED! Was it a baaaaaaaad story? lol. I loved this! *hugs and cookies* -Lynn

Author's Response: Hi Lynn! The story in question was 'Lead The Way'. So it could have been a lot better . . . LOL. Glad you like my little world! I like to keep it all linked, it feels nice that way!

Lonewolfe001 10/28/08 - 02:12PM 5: Dream Genie
oh so good. what happens next. where can i find the sequel??

Author's Response: The sequel to this is 'There's A First Time For Everything'. You can search for it if you like (by title or my pen name in the search option) or I am about to send the next bit to my beta for an update and then will be posting it which means it will be back near the top. Might take a couple of days though.

Tuppence 10/28/08 - 11:37AM 5: Dream Genie
Thanks for filling in the details as to how they got together. Chapters 2-4 were certainly hot and excellent. Now I'll go back and re-read There's a First Time which is excellent as well :-) Leaves out some Hallowe'en candy :-)

Author's Response: Hallowween candy greatfully accepted! Sugar rushes are always good for writing!

only_true_love 10/28/08 - 12:30AM 5: Dream Genie
*hugs Greggo since Abby isnít there* I wont say more in case those who read this havenít started to read First Time for everything. Well just one thing. Thanks for writing this. *hugs and big baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

only_true_love 10/28/08 - 12:12AM 4: I had a dream.
Again... HOT! If their fantasies about each other are this hot it will be sizzling when they get together. ;) *hugs and big basket of candy necklaces &goes to read next chapter* :D

Author's Response: For your answer to that question, keep an eye out for the next chapter of 'First Time'.

only_true_love 10/28/08 - 12:00AM 3: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
That was just... HOT!!! And I forgot to ask this in my last review~ I assume that the head isnít a fan of the love?? Hope you didnít get into too much trouble. *hug and big basket of sugar cookies* Off to read the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: No. My head is deffo not a fan of the love OR my fiction! *grin*

only_true_love 10/27/08 - 11:52PM 2: Do deams come true?
Oh My God. Greggo and Archie have slept together. I donít know how to feel about that. I adore both but I was laughing with the rest of them. Well at least Nicky knows what he is in for. :P *hugs and big basket of brownies* And no off to read more! :D

Author's Response: LOL. i wasn't sure weather to have Archie as Greg's previous, but then I thought - why the hell not! LOL.

Saras_Girl 10/07/08 - 06:35PM 1: Denali
Sorry about late reviews...I'm very naughty. Hot as usual! My favourite part though was the end, who doesn't love the idea of Greg sucking on Nick's finger? lol. I still hope you continue this, I also want to see everyone else's reactions to witnessing that little scene :) Nat x

Author's Response: Seeing as you asked so nicely . . . A sequel is on the way! Possibly even in two parts!

only_true_love 09/29/08 - 06:46PM 1: Denali
Is it wrong that I want to get a paper cut so Greggo can suck on my finger and get some of his saliva on it? Very hot. And Nicky is a lucky guy. Awesome job as usual. *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: LOL. Very little is wrong when it comes to these two! Look out for more of the same soon!

Tuppence 09/25/08 - 09:20AM 1: Denali
Hot dream by Greg there and Greg we don't mind you having wet dreams as long as Nick is involved :-) and oh the finger licking at the end. Yea right saliva helps heal wounds. Greg jsut wanted an excuse to get Nick thinking about the endless possibilities :D

Author's Response: I agree! Things like this should happen more often, and actually saliva is the best healer. I too am a Chemist (well, high school science teacher!!) and it's true!

Nefertiti 09/25/08 - 03:56AM 1: Denali
Ooooooh, I loved this. Very smutty, and then very "Eeee!" with Greg and Nick in the car, wow, I was so worried. My cheeks were almost flushing in sympathy for Greg. But that ending? Fabulous! Subtle yet very, VERY specific, and Nick's thoughts made me chuckle. Rock on, excellent little story here!

Author's Response: LOL. I can imagine Greg was absolutley mortified! Te he he!

Swedish_csifan 09/25/08 - 03:43AM 1: Denali
OMG!!! Another great story from you. You always suprise me with your fic, they are always better than the last one. :P Keep up the good work hun. Carro xxx

Author's Response: Why thank you! *blushes*. That was a lovely thing to say!

iheartthelove 09/24/08 - 03:58PM 1: Denali
umm...oh, wow.... *giggles* ...speechless...

Author's Response: LOL. And it was fun to write too!

katlynn888 09/24/08 - 02:51PM 1: Denali
WOO HOO! WET DREAM DELCIOUSNESS! lol. Jus what I need after a hard day at school! I wnt this on the show. I really, really do! Hey, you coming to the live chat on the 10th? We'll be dicussing the epi and everything! Starts at 9. Actually...if we're still doing that, which I'm not sure we are. But we did it last season! So, I hope you can make it! Love yas! *cookies anf hugs!* -Lynn

Author's Response: Ooooh! Had no idea about a live chat or how to get to it or anything. Is the 10th when the new series airs in the states??

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