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Reviews for Enough

jayfray18 09/12/08 - 08:40AM 1: Enough
So emotional, and beautifully written, but, please can we have a happy ending?!? With maybe a teensy little bit of Catherine and Sara having a go at Nick because he really deserves to have his backside kicked, just a bit!!!

Author's Response: Will see what I can do!

only_true_love 09/11/08 - 11:12PM 1: Enough
I know you said you love happy endings, but not 100% knowing or assuming what will happen~ what will it take for that HAPPY Ending? Can you tell I want that happy ending? When Nicky was talking to Greggo at the party my ipod was playing Lifehouse’s “Whatever It Takes”, and there were lines I wanted to yell at Nicky. But if he gets on that plane he has to not be in that freaking ‘closet’ anymore!!! *sigh* I really enjoyed this even though Greggo has left. *sniff* *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: Whatever It Takes is a great song! I like it! And yell all you like! Maybe he'll hear you! Thanks for the cookies and brownies.

iheartthelove 09/11/08 - 03:50PM 1: Enough
OMG! Nick, you get your arse on a plane RIGHT NOW!!

Author's Response: Totally with you!

LoveYou 09/11/08 - 02:41PM 1: Enough
God! beautiful story, and so sad!! I could've hit Nick right now,..gosh! six years!!Poor greg.. update soon ^^

Author's Response: I know! Poor Greg. But don't hit Nick; it's really not his fault, he just don't know what's good for him! Hope you'll like the epilogue!

Sanders1975 09/11/08 - 02:29PM 1: Enough
Please Do The Epilogue ASAP. Nick and Greg belong together.

Author's Response: I will!

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