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Reviews for Feel the Heat

Saras_Girl 08/30/08 - 06:05AM 1: Oneshot
Heh! I liked that, hot and cute. I like Greg proposing too, to me it could easily be either of them but most people have Nick do it. I definitely see Nick having a jealous/possessive streak like this, and what a way to, um, create some new memories. :D Nat x

Author's Response: Thank you! I also think both can propose; in this fic it kinda was natural that Greggo did it! I've written one where Nick does the proposing. And I agree on Nicky having the potential of being a bit possessive! Glad you liked it! Mari :-)

only_true_love 08/29/08 - 11:56PM 1: Oneshot
Awwwww so sweet, hot and romantic!!!! I was happy to see that Greggo was the one that proposed too. And I have to ask you was using Eric's name as a past b/f / lover of Greggo's intentional or not? *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: Very much intentional yes! I've kinda used Eric as Greg's ex in many of my fics. Makes it easier to remember! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the cookies and brownies! :-)

glo_starz 08/29/08 - 10:11AM 1: Oneshot
Like it. I don't know why but I never see Greg as the one who proposes, and I've only read about 3 fics where he does, so it's nice to see it done well!

Author's Response: Thank you! It was kinda weird actually. When I started the fic I never intended to have either of them propose; it kinda wrote itself for a while there!

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