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Reviews for They Held Him Down

Tuppence 08/21/08 - 04:12PM 1: One Shot
Poor Nick. I'm glad Greg got through to Nick to help him deal with this and to help him heal. Very sad story. Is Greg needing help to go after these so called people. I'll certainly join the que if help is needed.

Author's Response: Tuppence, I wish I could say he needed help, cause Lord knows I'd be right beside him. But, Greg would want to take care of this all by himself. Though I'm glad you'd be there too. Thanks for the review!

only_true_love 08/20/08 - 11:46PM 1: One Shot
Awwwww… poor Nicky. *gently hugs Nicky* I'm glad Greggo didn’t back down in wanting to help Nicky out. And to see Nicky sooo afraid that Greggo would hate him broke my heart. Glad Greggo suggested the support group. And I honestly could see some version of this happening on the show as the writers way of having the boys come out and get together (if they already aren’t of course). And minus Nicky getting hurt this is one of my favorite stories of your and def. favorite of your one shots. Shocking I know since I'm protective of the boys and not wanting them to get hurt. I know this was a one shot but I'd love to see some sequel come out of this. When you have the chance of course, since I know you are busy with your others. *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: I'm shocked over the many parts of your review! You actually could see this happening?!?! On the show?!?!?! SWEET!!! And, I can't believe this is one of your favorites of mine... I almost didn't post it... now I'm sooo glad I did! And... since it's one of your favs and you're the one asking for it, I'll at least consider a sequel... if I can come up with a plot, we'll see. Anyway, thanks millions for the review! Yours always mean the most!

Nefertiti 08/20/08 - 11:23PM 1: One Shot
Aw, poor Nicky bear... Soft, sweet, gentle Greg. The perfect person you'd want there to hold you when you needed it, of course, and Nick definitely needed it. Sad times! And yet very sweet and awe-worthy. Excellent job, my friend.

Author's Response: But of course I'd want Greg there if I were NIck... that would just feel perfect. I'm so happy you liked it! sweet and awe-worthy... wow... thanks!

miracleromancer 08/20/08 - 10:06PM 1: One Shot
Great story, almost made me choke up...what is sad is that this kinda stuff most likely happens in this world...but great story nonetheless.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for reading and for taking the time to review! It always makes me happy!

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