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Reviews for The Worst Disease

only_true_love 08/24/08 - 01:02AM 4: Four
While the case was heart wrenching, they got everyone that was involved. And the team gave the victims justice as much as they could and that's what is most important. Thank you for writing this. It shows how some with such strong religious beliefs in which being gay is a sin can go to this extreme. Sadly, there are people out there that wouldn’t blink doing something like that. *sigh* *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: I know. Though it's okay to believe in things bigger than oneself and what we see; to me it's not okay to not respect other people. I'm really sad that some actually can do things like that in my story, and think it's not wrong. Thanks for the cookies and brownies! Mari.

katlynn888 08/23/08 - 08:41AM 4: Four
YAY! You've passed the "crazy Jesus people mile stone." The most annoying one. lolzies. This was wicked, I loved it. The britishisms are coming from me watching the Naked Cheff at the moments on food network...well, it's the guy who used to be on the naked cheff, but I don't really think his show is called Naked Cheff anymore. Anyway. I loved it to bits, hun, and I blame the Jesus people (in your story and mine) for the surrliness of me lately...AW! I loveded the ending! *cookies and hugs* -Lynn

Author's Response: Thanks hun! Always blame the Jesus-people, they are at the root of a lot of evil! Hope your mood is better now! *hug back* Mari.

only_true_love 08/18/08 - 01:44AM 3: Three
Awwwww… You like to tease, don’t you? My favorite part was when Harriet was told that she killed her own daughter. More so b/c of her reaction and Cath & Nicky know they had her. I can’t imagine in the first place that people would hate others to kill them b/c of their sexuality but it makes me just even more upset of taking of kids lives. And for the reason b/c they were damaged. One thing I’m very proud of is that both Nicky and Greggo behaved well being in the room with a suspect. More so Nicky b/c he was in the same room as the mother of the little girl & you know how Nicky is in regards to cases with kids. And I don’t know if you have it planned for the next chapter or not but I’d like to hear more of Nathan Black version of what happened. He seemed sincere that he was sorry for what happened, & part of me is relieved at least one of them is (somewhat) remorseful. Also I can’t wait to see how they find the fourth person. *hugs and big baskets of double fudge brownies and sugar cookies* :D

Author's Response: Mmmmh, jammie! I love brownies! You'll hear more from Nathan; I can promise you that! Thanks for reading! :-)

only_true_love 07/31/08 - 12:55AM 2: Two
I'm surprised that there were no drugs, etc. in any of the victims systems. They had to have known at least one of their attackers. Most likely the biological mother. Also that they at first didn’t feel threatened by them but the attackers turned on them once inside. Some type of threat~ if you try anything we hurt the kids, etc. And there I go again rambling. lol Awesome update. *hugs and big baskets of double fudge brownies and sugar cookies* :D

Author's Response: Hmmm, I think your rambling is fun! You'll see soon enough. But the answers won't come yet. Next chapter is with my beta now. Will update as soon as she sends it back! *Yammie; brownies And cookies*

jayfray18 07/30/08 - 01:32PM 2: Two
First to review! More intrigue, maybe a disgruntled egg donor who didn't want two men to have her "child", and 3 other men. Can't wait to find out.

Author's Response: You'll find out soon! I've just moved; been without internet for almost a week, that's why it's taking so long!

jayfray18 07/30/08 - 10:55AM 1: One
As an add on the my previous, guess what song was on in the gym on tuesday morning!!!! Now it's on continuous loop with the video as well!!! I'm seriously doomed........!!!

Author's Response: LOL :-) That suck's!

jayfray18 07/28/08 - 07:11AM 1: One
It's so sad that crimes like these happen today, a powerful start. Can't wait to read the next chapter. And I have to blame you for having "I get knocked down" by Chumbawumba on constant loop in my head!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh I'm truly truly sorry! I know it's frustrating having a song stucked in your mind! And, T (wont write the whole name!) isn't my favourite song by Chumbawamba at all. Anarchy is by far the best album (in my mind!)! New chapter coming as soon as my wonderful beta has looked at it!

Saras_Girl 07/27/08 - 05:43AM 1: One
Ack...the discussion of the crime scene made me feel a bit sick. How they killed the children first. What. Is. Wrong. With. People? *sugh* Good on Greg for speaking up with his bit of insight even though it might expose him. I can see him doing that because being a good CSI is really important to him :) I'm worried something awful will happen to him in this story but I guess I trust you, so we'll see. Yay for English music. lol. Nat x

Author's Response: Can't make any promises but I'll do my best to get everyone sane through this! This whole case is making ME sick! Might take some time to write! And I think Greg would do anything to prove himself in front of especially Grissom; he wont think how this could effect himself. And English music Rocks! Mari :-)

only_true_love 07/26/08 - 10:32PM 1: One
Before I get to say how I'm intrigued by this story I swear I know that song that is the band's best known song. I'll have to youtube it. That said, I love this story so far and I'm intrigued by it. Not that I like the case itself but I love a mystery and to see how the boys handle it. I was quite proud of Greggo for noticing that it is likely a hate crime. And while I don’t usually disagree with Greggo, but could it be made to look like a hate crime. Like how a crime could look like a robbery gone bad when there is more too it. Also the fact that the kids, were killed more quickly where as the parents drag out/ tortured mean something? Remorse or the kids weren’t supposed to be there. Or even that the killer or killers know the family somehow. *is shutting up now* lol *hugs and basket of brownies* :D

Author's Response: You should check them out! It's a really good band! About the rest; you'll just have to wait and see! Can't update this as often as the other stories; too much forensic- terminology and information I have to figure out English words for! And don't shut up! I love your rambling!

katlynn888 07/25/08 - 06:29PM 1: One
Hey hun. I wonder how Nick and Greg will cope with this? This case seems like it'll be a really emotionally draining case...and one that'll push their buttons! ^_^ but this was good. is that song Norwegian? Because I'd like to listen to it. -Lynn

Author's Response: Not Norwegian no! Chumbawamba is an english band. They started out as a punk band, but have grown into more pop-influenced and folk music. Homophobia is from the album called Anarchy released in 1994, hey; you weren't even born then! Their best known song is Tubthumping from '97. You should listen to them; they're real good! Mari :-)

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