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Reviews for Jesse

only_true_love 04/19/09 - 10:23PM 14: Where Do I Go From Here? (Part 1)
Great update. I feel bad for Jesse. Well I was happy that he got re-hired but then felt bad about having to deal with proper identification of 80 bodies!!! *hugs an leaves gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

QueenOfTheUniverse 03/08/09 - 09:27PM 14: Where Do I Go From Here? (Part 1)
I'm glad you're updating again too, can't wait for more!

QueenOfTheUniverse 03/08/09 - 08:58PM 11: Ever Wanted to be Somewhere Else?
You know... I thought I'd read enough Nick and Greg smut not to turn beet red over it... but when you put it in the pov of another character... especially a son... Squicked out!!!! major!!!! lol, but all the same, I'm glad things seem to be working out. And while I'm sure Warrick's as straight as they come, and I don't like the idea of those two together, I can totally see where he's coming from in the looks department. Warrick sure does have them... but I'm still rooting for the boys above him. Sorry Rick...

Author's Response: Lol, well I always wondered how one of their kids would react to that and that was the result. Warrick is an upcoming plot twist-just keep waiting! Thanks for the reviews! They make me happy. :)

QueenOfTheUniverse 03/08/09 - 08:42PM 10: Civility and Parents
Gosh, where on earth have I been to miss these updates? Must have been my moving that made me miss out. At any rate, I'm here now, and this is looking good. I loved the text convo between Greg and Jesse... ok, on to the next chapter!

Lily G 03/08/09 - 01:11PM 14: Where Do I Go From Here? (Part 1)
Yay you're back! And Jesse too! I have one reproach: it was way much too short! Update soon, can't wait!

Lily G 10/27/08 - 09:24PM 13: Another Start
At the beginning I was puzzled but now I am totally addicted to your story... Jesse is funny... Too bad you made him fired... I don't know why but I imagine him with Archie from the beginning... I don't know why... I think they could make a cute couple... I hope you will update soon

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'll be updating this story soon, I promise. And I never thought about Archie...hmm...

only_true_love 09/01/08 - 01:46AM 13: Another Start
Awww... Poor Jesse getting fired. I understand but still I feel bad for him. And I have to wonder if there was more of a reason for Warrick coming over to check on Jesse and make sure he is ok. I can't really say why since Jesse basically kicked him out and didnít want to talk to him, but itís a feeling. As for any advice of how to help you to decide where to go I canít give much advice since I haven't done a multi-chapter story (at least for this ship). But many other when they have gotten stuck write another story. *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

only_true_love 08/06/08 - 11:03PM 12: Grave Digging Shouldn't Be a Family Affair
I love how you handled it. You worked something differently, slightly because of Jesse being in the picture. And that Nicky and Greggo are an actual couple and itís known. Though I like to believe that they were just, not as serious as you have them in your story. Though you kept who rode with Nicky to the hospital the same. This for many fans of the boys felt Greggo should have been in there with him. Awesome job! *hugs and big baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

only_true_love 08/03/08 - 12:19AM 11: Ever Wanted to be Somewhere Else?
I love that Jesse seems to have a crush on Warrick. Woooohooo for getting the job! :D And I had to giggle When the neighbor lady and Jesse were talking. That and him hearing his dad and Greggo going at it. You do make me wonder how you will handle Grave Danger and Fannysmackin' with Jesse in the picture. Those two episodes still make me get emotional, especially Fannysmackin'. I have never fully kept my eyes on the screen watching it. *hugs and big basket of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

only_true_love 08/01/08 - 10:31PM 10: Civility and Parents
I know I shouldnít be surprised that everyone got along as well as they did, but I am. Most likely due to that I have read too much angst lately so I expect to see it. It will be interesting to see what Nicky and Greggo have to say about Jesse's job opportunity. Gut feeling is that Greggo will be the one to have some type of objection. Though, it could be Nicky that does end up objecting. *hugs and big basket of brownies* :D

candygirl1uk 08/01/08 - 01:13PM 5: My Father Lives in Stepford.
Nice description of their house, nice can I move in? Although i do being my own porn lol.

only_true_love 08/01/08 - 12:04AM 9: When a Situation Goes From Awkward to Awful
I would like to know too how they got into the house. And it will be interesting how everyone reacts once introductions are made. I canít wait to see how Jesse does with all the files Doc Robbins gave him too. *waits patiently for more* *hugs and baskets of double fudge brownies and sugar cookies* :D

jayfray18 07/31/08 - 04:06PM 9: When a Situation Goes From Awkward to Awful
Wow, what an ending!! And how did they get into the house? More drama to follow, hopefully!

jayfray18 07/30/08 - 10:43AM 8: Job Offers from Dreams
Am really enjoying this, and can't wait to see what happens. Should Jesse take the job, I think so, it's not like he would be working directly the Nick and Greg all the time. And would love to know more on how Greg and Nick are feeling about this, not just the intriguing hints you've given so far! If I leave chocolate brownies will that help?!?!?!

only_true_love 07/29/08 - 12:02AM 8: Job Offers from Dreams
Well if he does well with what Doc Robbins gave him to look over than I say yes, he should take it. He deserves a chance. It might be weird for Nicky and Greggo but it would be a great opportunity and learning experience. And even if Jesse canít handle it after a while (that is if he takes it), he will have a great reference. *hugs and basket of brownies* :D

Author's Response: We shall see what he does in a day or two at the most! Thanks! *Hugs back, and appreciates the brownies.*

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