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Reviews for Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

only_true_love 07/17/08 - 10:45PM 1: Attatchments
I know Saras_Girl said it but likely everyone else would like to know where can we get a copy??? lol That was smokin' HOT!!! Gotta love Greggo's adventurous side! ;D *hugs and gigantic basket of brownies and sugar cookies* :D

Author's Response: LOL. He should start his own web page. I know it would get a lot of hits! Te he he.

Saras_Girl 07/17/08 - 06:51PM 1: Attatchments
You know...I was checking my email right after reading this and I was almost disappointed not to have received this video *sigh* lol. If I could see that I think I would die happy. Hot/delicious :) Nat x

Author's Response: I think he may have addressed the e-mail wrongly. Words shall be had! LOL.

essential_red 07/17/08 - 11:24AM 1: Attatchments
Mm, you know I love it when Greg takes things into his own hands. I would pay good money to see the Sanders Show.

Author's Response: So would I! LOL. Sadly for us, Nick gets it for free. Te He He.

Lonewolfe001 07/17/08 - 03:07AM 1: Attatchments
hot and smutty . Just how i like it

Author's Response: Good. There will be more fluff and smut very soon!

hjonathan 07/16/08 - 09:51PM 1: Attatchments
Very hot, very naughty and very Greg...LOL I would be curoius to know how Nick responded to this e-mail, between receiving it and the morning text message....LOL Cheers great job!!! jon jon xxx

Author's Response: I hadn't thought about writing that bit, but now I may well have to . . . Is there more L'amour on it's way btw. I'm really digging that story!

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