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Reviews for All The Things You Are

rose 07/21/08 - 02:57PM 1: Tired and Bored
this story was so beautiful. I really loved it. will there be a sequel??? please, think about it..:-)) rose

Author's Response:

Author's Response: Sorry 'bout that! Thank you. I have written kind of a sequel situated six years from this; Under the Midnightsun. But I will probably write one about Nick coming out with his family, don't know when yet. Am kinda in the beggining of another fic. We'll see!

katlynn888 07/20/08 - 01:03PM 10: Trust and Love
It's over...*Cries* This was so fun. And the smut for the last two chapters was...*Dies* lol. :) Too very cute. I have a Nick on bottom fetish. Then again, I also have a nick in bondage expressed in my last story. But this was great, and I hope to see a sequel arriving in my inbox! -Lynn, your lovely beta.

Author's Response: It was fun! Wow, I think you just have a Nick-fetish! Not that I blame you, I have a big Greg-fetish! :-) I'm thinking about a new story, if and when it comes; you'll be the first to know!

Lonewolfe001 07/20/08 - 12:06PM 10: Trust and Love
Such a sweet ending. They are both inlove & safe. Thats all that matters. I enjoyed this fic. Thanks !!

Author's Response: Thank you!

only_true_love 07/20/08 - 12:37AM 10: Trust and Love
I can't believe itís over. *sigh* Such an amazing story. And the ending was so sweet. And I'm proud of Nicky for wanting to be equals (not that I find it bad if one person always bottoms and the other tops) and that he trusted Greggo enough to bottom for him so soon. Donít know if you had anything planned but I would love to see a sequel to this story. To see how their love grows and how they handle the obstacles that they may face (coming out to co-workers and family, etc). *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar & peanut butter cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: *Sigh* It's weird that it's done! I might write a sequel conserning Nick coming out to his family. I've all ready written a sequel about them coming out to their co-workers; Under the Midnightsun. It's posted here. We'll see what the future brings! Thanks for reading and reviewing! Oh and I love peanut butter cookies! *Sitting on the couch, lazy after eating all those cookies and brownies!* :-)

glo_starz 07/19/08 - 06:53PM 10: Trust and Love
This is a lovely story. Just the right balance of angst, romance and smuttiness. Well done. I'm not normally into Nick being a bottom (I have no idea why), but it worked really well here. Fantastic!

Author's Response: Thank you. I glad you liked it!

only_true_love 07/16/08 - 12:55AM 9: Movie-night
God Bless the smut. *droooooooools and Squeeeees over it!* I agree with Saras_Girl~ Greggo speaking in Norwegian is just hot. And the movie you mentioned sounds cute and sweet. Do you know where to buy or order it? *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: Gotta love smut! I do for sure! :-) The movie is really sweet, I know you can buy it on Amazon, probably on ebay too. You have to see it! I love that movie! :-)

Saras_Girl 07/15/08 - 07:41PM 9: Movie-night
I enjoyed the smut very much :) And Greg speaking Norwegian is just hot and I don't know why. lol. I absolutely love Beautiful Thing, what a great film, I can see Greg liking it too. Lovely chapter. Nat x

Saras_Girl 07/15/08 - 07:34PM 9: Movie-night
I enjoyed the smut very much :) And Greg speaking Norwegian is just hot and I don't know why. lol. I absolutely love Beautiful Thing, what a great film, I can see Greg liking it too. Lovely chapter. Nat x

Author's Response: Speaking Norwegian is hot? Nice to hear! I'll try to put in some more later then! Beautiful Thing is one of my favourites, I just love that movie.

katlynn888 07/15/08 - 06:02PM 9: Movie-night
SMUT!!!!!!! GAAA! I loved. hehe. You don't know how much I loved this chapter, and betaing it for you! My doctor says that I can't go swimming for a month. Dern. We're going up north, and I love swimming in the great lakes. But, at least I'll have lovely thoughts of Nick and Greg to keep me company while I'm turning green on the inside watching my sister swim. :) Oh, and I'm getting into Ron/Harry fiction from the Harry Potter famdom. hehe. :) Loved this chapter, get the next one to me soon! We're leaving on the thrid. -Lynn

Author's Response: Hehe! I know you loved it! It sucks that you can't swim, feeling bad for you! I love swimming, but the weather in Norway has decided to scip summer and go straight for fall, so that sucks! Rain, wind and cold... *Hmf* I'll try to have at least one chapter for you before you leave, maybe more! Mari.

only_true_love 07/14/08 - 11:47PM 8: First date
OMG that was the sweetest date I have read the boys going on. And so romantic too! I got a little emotional when they started dancing. I donít know why but it was just so nice and i got a bit misty eyed. *sigh* And its so nice to see while there is still this nervousness between them that they are comfortable with each other and trust each other as well. *hugs and gigantic baskets of double fudge brownies and sugar cookies* :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Had a hard time writing this one, needed some time to come up with the perfect date!

hjonathan 07/14/08 - 02:06AM 1: Tired and Bored
So cute. I am glad that Nick takes a leap of faith and that he is finally doing something for himself... I love it, please give us some more...*wink* jon jon xxx

Author's Response: I have lots of faith in Nick, it's about time he starts to think about himself rather then others. More to come very soon! *wink wink*

Saras_Girl 07/13/08 - 08:24AM 7: Dreams and Happiness
Yay. I liked this chapter...I was wondering if Warrick was going to figure it out because of the shift-swapping. Looking forward to reading about the first date. Nat x

Author's Response: Thank you! Don't give Warrick to much credit! I don't think he sees anything other than he wants to see! To him, Nick's a ladies-man, so I don't think he suspects anything, yet anyway!

only_true_love 07/13/08 - 12:44AM 7: Dreams and Happiness
Squeeeeeeeee!!! *Does happy dance* They are going to go on their first date. I'm glad Greggo is going to take it slow. Going to fast would likely push Nicky back into that comfy closet. And that can not and will not happen!!! Canít wait to see what they do on their DaTe!!!!!! *hugs and baskets of huge sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: Ooohh! Happy dance and all! I'm happy you're happy! And thanks for the cookies and brownies; yammy!

katlynn888 07/13/08 - 12:13AM 7: Dreams and Happiness
Ooh...what shall happen...*hehe* *Is loving being evil and knowing what others don't.* So, I hope their date turns out okay...did get your page on Defining moments up alright? :) I hope you did! -Lynn, your beautiful beta.

Author's Response: Thank you beautiful beta of mine! And I know you love it all right! Mailed you about that: nead your help!

only_true_love 07/10/08 - 10:53PM 6: Talks and Truths
Squeeeeeeee! I'm sooooo happy right now. :D I'm glad Greggo just let it all out and told exactly how he felt and told Nicky to think about it all. And I'm soooo proud of Nicky at the end for giving HIS happiness a chance. And while I donít know how his family will react when the time comes, but his work family will take it well. Maybe even say , "It's about time" or something like that. *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and brownies* :D

Author's Response: That's good to hear! I'm happy that you're happy! I have'nt decided how long I want this story to be, I guess I'll just wait and see (about coming out to the family!) *hug back and drawling over the cookies and brownies* Mmmmmmhhhhhh, thank you!! :-)

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