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Reviews for The Fighter

EvenStar 05/14/08 - 03:38AM 1: vignette #1
Wow, there's not much more I can say. So, I suppose I should start from the beginning. I found it scary that Greg would just lurch at someone in a mad blinding rage as he did, even if it were for love, because Greg's like a loveable puppy, you know. It's hard to think that a puppy has teeth. (Thinks Ecklie was thinking the same thing.). Then it was heartbreaking to hear that he was forced to fight to keep his man. To endure such pain and all I wanted to do was punch Ecklie out... (I see Greg finally thought that exact sentiment too.) And I can't believe that Jim could even think that Nicky would hurt Greg like that. I mean, Nick has a dangerous side to him that's for sure, but he seems to have a soft spot for those who are close to him and I think Greg's definitely close to him. When Greg finally did lunge at Ecklie I was thrilled to hear that Ecklie was finally getting his, but I found it again saddening that it would have to come to that, while I knew it would. I mean, what other outcome could there be other than moving away? I hate what Ecklie made Greg to be, However, ancitipating beyond your story, I can see that Nick could rehabilitating Greg back to his older usual self, who didn't lunge at people at the drop of a dime. While I wouldn't suspect it would ever go away... I could see that he'd be able to control the flash rages he gets in. At least that's how I project the forever unwritten future. So sad, but still a wonderful story. -M

Author's Response: Oooh, I'm glad you liked it! And yeah, you're so right. Greg is like a puppy, and it is hard to imagine they have teeth. lol, Ecklie was thinking that same thing, and that got him into trouble! Of course Brass didn't want to think that about Nick, but what's a guy to think in a situation like that when no one's talking? The first vignette happens in the future, many years later after the rest, which really, just explains the first scene. So, yeah, there was some rehabilitation going on, but Greg will never be the same again... really sad, I know. But I think that's what makes the story. Anywho, thanks for commenting!

Dreama 05/13/08 - 04:10AM 1: vignette #1
I hate you for posting something like this the minute I have to run to work. Now I have to wait 10hr until I am back home and can read it. That is not how a tuesday should start. But the summary already sounds awesome so at least I have something too look forward to.

Author's Response: Awww, I'm terribly sorry. I know how that feeling goes. But, just so you know, your review was the best way for me to wake up this morning! I'm glad you like the summary, cause I spent a long time on it. yay! Thanks for the comments!

only_true_love 05/12/08 - 11:54PM 10: vignette #10
*sniff* i want to cry for what Greggo has become in the end. Bravo for knocking the crap out of Ecklie though. But for him to nearly attack Brass,,, you know how bad its gotten. Well done girl!!! *hugs* and leaves a big plate of sugar cookies* :D

Author's Response: Yeah, towards the end Greg just sorta snapped especially when he heard what Ecklie said about NIck. Your comments all the way through were interesting and informative. Hopefully you caught the dates, which show that the first vignette happens in the far away future and the rest happens in the past to explain the future vignette. That's probably why you got confused in the second chapter. And your comment about not knowing what to think was really great. Told me a lot, like just how much the story was affecting you, which is great cause I was hoping it would! And... hehehe... I loved the Ecklie dolls! Lots of fun to push pins into! And thanks for the cookies! And the hug! I'm glad you liked it! *hugs back*

suckerforasmile 05/12/08 - 11:51PM 10: vignette #10
Oh my god, that last line absolutely kills. It broke me. Beautiful job, even if it's got a dark and disturbing setting (and I mean that in the most loving of ways, because I liked this even with the dark and disturbing pieces.)

Author's Response: You know, when I first wrote it, I thought there should be more after that last line, but I didn't know what. So, I stopped writing, reread what I had, and got to that end... and it just hit me and I seriously almost cried. So, I'm really glad it got to you too. And I was going for a beautiful in a dark setting kinda thing so I'm glad you got that, and really glad you liked it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

only_true_love 05/12/08 - 11:45PM 5: vignette #5
NOOOOOOO! *evil laugh* I'm having fun with my Ecklie doll b/c this and other previous chapters! :D

only_true_love 05/12/08 - 11:42PM 4: vignette #4
:( I dont know how to feel about this right now. hmmmmm *continues to read more* :D

only_true_love 05/12/08 - 11:39PM 3: vignette #3
Grrrrr at Ecklie. *leaves Ecklie dolls and a big box of pins* *sigh* *off to read next chapter* :P

only_true_love 05/12/08 - 11:38PM 2: vignette #2
*is confused a bit* Is Greg getting tossed out of the car, etc. a different take from something or completely new??? *off to read more* :D

only_true_love 05/12/08 - 11:36PM 1: vignette #1
I wanted to smack those other guys! *smacks hard* People can be so mean. *off to read more*

Saras_Girl 05/12/08 - 08:16PM 10: vignette #10
Hmm...hey...this was stirring in an unexpected way, I wasn't sure what to think at first (because the image of Greg having to be so violent just made me uncomfortable - but I guess that's the point) but it kind of got me. The things we do to protect the one we love...damn that Ecklie! I especially loved the confrontation with the 3 of them where they argue over the name. I found this weirdly heartbreaking and I'm pleased you used my quote! Well, not mine but it is one of the best descriptions of love I know. Excellent job as always, sorry I'm reviewing at the end instead of individually but I need to go to sleep soon. *hugs* Nat x

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I have to say it made me think because your comments were not the usual ones I get with "weirdly heartbreaking" and Greg having to fight, but you're right! It is just a really odd piece, and two days later, it's still affecting me! lol. Even I find it weirdly heartbreaking and uncomfortable, but I guess that's what I really like about it. It's not your typical fanfic piece. lol. ok, I'll shut up now. Thanks again!

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