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Reviews for Under The Midnightsun

katlynn888 06/24/08 - 06:18PM 8: Home again
hehe. Looks like people are enjoying your work. I'll have the other story back as soon as possible, but I've got my own three stories working for me right now...maybe I'll edit while my stuff is having it's sesion with my own beta. This was a great story, and a great joy to beta. I'll hope for more from you, sweetie. -Lynn PS, is it weird having someone younger than you betaing your stories? :)

Author's Response: Have'nt thought about your age much. I like what you do, and that's most important to me! Mari.

BflyW 05/09/08 - 07:43AM 2: The trip
It is nice to see that you even write the Norwegian in dialect. It would have been wrong to see a little Trønder-girl say "se der..." or her mom say "vi er hjemme nå". That's the small details that makes it real. I am always very careful about that when I bring Norwgeian into my stories, even though "no one" notice (because they don't know Norwegian), but it really makes a difference for those few Norwegian readers that may stumble upon the story. So he is from Klæbu. huh? I actually goodgles the name Hojem, and most of the hits I could get from it was from Trøderlag so I guess it actually fits to put them there. Even though I still always place Greg's family in the Oslo area. :-)

Author's Response: He's from Klæbu, because I'm from Klæbu!!! No, Hojem is a trønder-name, so I thought it would fit. And I also find it easier to write about places I now. It makes things a little more real! Or as real as a fanfic can become! And of course they have to speak trøndersk! Anything else would be stupid!!!

BflyW 05/09/08 - 07:36AM 1: Preparation
Hei! Velkommen ombord! When I saw that this story was about a vacation to Norway I thought "oh, no way! not another story with stereotype believes about Norway." So I had to check out the writer and was happy to see you are Norwegian. But Trondheim? Could at least have put them in Oslo ;-) Okay.... Trondheim it is. I just have one thing to say "Heia LSK!!!"

Author's Response: Sorry! I just couldn't put them in Oslo. First of all, Trondheim is a way more beautiful city! And second, hurtigruta doesn't go from Oslo! And third, Nidarosdomen (the cathedral) is in Trondheim! By the way: "Heia Rosenborg!!" Not that they're any good at the time, but neither is Lillestrøm!

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