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Reviews for Favorite Place

techgoddess 06/05/08 - 11:32PM 1: Favorite Place
As someone who's actually been in a school lock down as well, I think it's impressive you could write anything, especially something so sweet. Good job!

Author's Response: AW! Thanks. I was really scared at the time, I mean...I was held up under my desk with all my class mates sniggering around me! They thought it was a joke! If something had happened...I'd be dead, right now. I just wish they'd take it seriously. I'm glad I can have someone to relate to, though! And, writting is really a way to calm me down...And thank you so much for saying it's sweet. You're so nice! -Lynn

Saras_Girl 04/24/08 - 06:20AM 1: Favorite Place
Cute. This made me smile :) How about a kind of answer piece, Nick's favourite place...? I would like to read that. I'm in a soppy mood today! Nat x

Author's Response: Hmm...good idea. I'll see if I can think of something. In the mean time, i must thank you for your wonderful review! -Lynn

only_true_love 04/23/08 - 11:50PM 1: Favorite Place
That was the sweetest short piece ever. And I have to go awwwwww! :D *leaves brownies*

Author's Response: *Munch, munch, munch* Thanks for the review...t was really nice of you. *Munch, munch* chocolaty goodness... -Lynn

QueenOfTheUniverse 04/23/08 - 08:57PM 1: Favorite Place
Definitely sweet... loved it!

Author's Response: YAY! I'm glad you love it, hun! Yes....sweet was what I was going for... -Lynn

Wojo 04/23/08 - 07:05PM 1: Favorite Place
That was short and sweet.

Author's Response: was a Sweet? I dunno....I was scared half to death when I wrote Thank you so much for your review, hun!

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