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Reviews for Don't Cry Daddy

GregLover212 04/09/08 - 04:56PM 1: one shot
Awww..such a beautiful story!! I absolutly loved it! You know I was a bit surprised at the end because I kind of didn't know where you were gonna go with it....but it was awesome in the end.....a sequel would be nice please!!!

Author's Response: I'm surprised you were surprised! But I'm glad you liked the awesome ending! I guess in my mind there could be no other way to end it... but I'm the writer, so of course that's the way it's gonna go. And you can't see inside my head...hmmm that might be a good thing! lol. Thanks for the review!

only_true_love 04/08/08 - 11:43PM 1: one shot
Such a sweet story. I loved that Greg would have been more worried if Nicky hadnt taken responsibilty. I would have too. And the image of Greggo with Dakota at the end warmed my heart. It was so adorable. I can see him play the 'name that chemical compound game when she get old enough to speak. *sigh* Writing that almost seemed wrong with how I have refferenced that game in you know what. But you know here I mean it in not the same way. *is shutting up now* lol Well, one more thing! SEQUEL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That or continue the story. *hugs* :D *leaves basket of brownies *

Author's Response: lol... I totally got what you meant about the game. That would be cute, a sweet father/daughter thing... I'll have to remember that. And I'm glad you liked the scene, I was a little afraid of how it went, but I'm glad everyone seemed to like it. Phew! lol. And I actually enjoyed writing a story where Greg's taking care of Nick and not the other way around. It felt good... though with the thoughts in my head, it might just switch around again, but who knows. Thanks for the review and you know I love brownies!

Tuppence 04/08/08 - 03:16PM 1: one shot
Oh so good and oh so sweet. Hey mistakes happen in life and at least Nick acted responsibly. Oh Greg was very caring and dare I say sweet. I liked the time at the end where Nick was watching Greg talk to Dakota. I would definitely like to see more. Puts out cookies to help with the bribe.

Author's Response: lol... are they chocolate chip? Cause that's my fav! lol. Thanks for the cookies and the review! I can't say when I'll get more written on this, might be awhile as it was a spurr of the moment story and I've already got three lined up and promised to be written, but we'll see. I'm not putting it down just yet!

candygirl1uk 04/08/08 - 02:21PM 1: one shot
Hey there that was really touching and beautiful. Nick stokes a single father and Greg rescuing him.... Wow, i like this a lot.... Please turn this into more of a story and not just a one shot. This has the potential to be a really beautiful yet gently love story... Continue on I say!!!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for the sweet comments! I think when I do this, It will be a collection of one shots, but who knows. I just have one scene idea that would take place probably when Dakota's six... so, we'll see... but I like how you worded it as a gentle love story... that sounds really nice...

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