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Reviews for Kjaere

happyharper13 12/02/08 - 07:52PM 8: May
Wow. This is incredibly heart-wrenching. I seriously don't remember the last time I've cried this much reading something. I love how you combine the normal elements of Nick's life with what's going on with Greg. You really capture the role of hope in this story in a truly beautiful way. Please please please update this soon!

Veze 11/17/08 - 06:00AM 8: May
Please please pretty please tell me you didn't give up on this story. I'm dying to read the rest of it. it's so good. I was waitong for a completed stpry to start reading but I gave in and now I'm hook and I need my fix!

rose 06/19/08 - 12:00PM 1: November
poor guys... didnīt they suffer enough. you have to fix it please :-)) rose

Author's Response: I'm fixing it...over the next four chapters...more soon! :-))

only_true_love 06/18/08 - 11:04PM 8: May
I have mixed feeling on Greg being taken 'away' for rehab. There are good and bad points to do it. I want to squeeeeee that Greggo is talking and recognizes Nicky, etc. Maybe there is a place somewhere in between so Nicky will still have to drive but not as far and Greg's parents can be happy with?!?! And I wonder if it was Greggo's parents that called and Nicky had ignored. Awesome update and my patience is getting better b/c he is showing progress. And head traumas take time! But as we have seen Greggo is a fighter and I know in my heart there is such amazing moments still to come. *hugs and leaves huge basket of double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: Well, I'm pleased you're not so impatient any longer - and I'm even more pleased that you enjoyed this update. And I had mixed feelings about the rehab thing too, but then I remembered the episode about the explosion at the lab where Greg didn't want his mom to know he was in hospital - and this just seemed to me to be the kind of thing a protective mother might do in a situation like this. More soon!

Yoshi 06/18/08 - 04:27PM 8: May
Firstly, sorry I forgot to review the last chapter. This is such a heartbreakingly good story. I'm so pleased Greg is now awake although obviously very confused, this is a different pressure for Nick.....and then Ma and Pa Sanders want to move him away! I understand their need to want to help their only son, but they need to see that it is not their place to do that. I can't wait to read more. The banner is beautiful by the way.

Author's Response: First of all, the banner is courtesy of IS beautiful, isn't it? And you're totally forgiven for not reviewing the last chapter - I'm so pleased you're still with me and still enjoying this. Once again, this is drawn from real life...when the family I worked for as a nanny was involved in a car wreck that left the mother brain damaged, there were a lot of issues with her folks wanting to take over. I won't tell you how the real-life situation ended, because it'll leave you paranoid about the outcome of the story...but the next chapter will be up soon!

Tuppence 06/18/08 - 02:58PM 8: May
Oh I'm so glad to see Greg awake. Finally. But what is wrong with his parents and wanting to take him to California. How dare they break up his family even more than it is. I think Nick needs to bite the bullet and ask his family or maybe even Luke for some help here so Greg can stay in Las Vegas and get a good rehab. Nick you have to ask for help sometimes that is what family and friends are for but not necessarily Greg's family.

Author's Response: What, no brownies? *grin* Yeah, it's difficult to ask for help when you really need it - especially if you're a stubborn man! Seriously, thank you for reading and enjoying, and the next chapter will be up soon...

Sanders1975 06/18/08 - 04:32AM 8: May
I'm Glad that Greg is a Wake. His Mom and Dad should not take Greg away and that would make Emily sad that her daddy Greg is gone. I like the story. I thank that you should have Nick and Greg have another Child.

Author's Response: So pleased you liked this, despite the angst - there'll be more soon!

EvenStar 06/18/08 - 02:52AM 8: May
#1. I want to applaud Nicky for staying soo true to what he wants... I know it will be Hard for the Sanders' to except, but he's really trying there... #2. I am thrilled Greg is awake and more or less alert, I know he will eventually regain many of his facilities, even though he might not regain all of them... I am still happy for them, because at least Emily doesn't have to see a lifeless man as her father now... and #3. like BflyW said... MAKE IT BETTER! Wonderfully sad story... wonderful update... i loved it... -M

Author's Response: Well, thank you - pleased you liked this chapter! More soon...

BflyW 06/18/08 - 02:15AM 8: May
So sad! Make it better, please. I want them to be happy.

Author's Response: I know you do...and there are still a few months to go yet, so BE PATIENT!! *klem*

Saras_Girl 06/11/08 - 11:59AM 7: April
Oh my god...! I wasn't expecting that at all and I really do have tears in my eyes - i think the bit that broke me was when he held Emily's hand the second time and Nick and the doctor saw it. I am absolutely absorbed in this and I'm so pleased there may be some light at the end of the tunnel...I don't think I can take it if he's horribly brain damaged so fingers crossed. Again, I love this story! Nat x

Author's Response: I'm sorry I made you cry...really I am...*innocent face*...but I am so pleased you are hooked on this story - next to "Union", I think it's my favourite one to write. As for light at the end of the tunnel...yes, there is some, but you'll need a flashlight for a while yet. More soon!

EvenStar 06/11/08 - 12:42AM 7: April
HOPE! I LOVE YOU! YOU GIVE ME HOPE! Gosh that was soo sad, I just wanted him to open his eyes and just hold his little girl and say "Hey you" to Nick... I know I am too much of an optimist... but hey someone has to be RIGHT? But at least she can smile around him... that's a large step forward. :-) A wonderful chapter... I still wish he'd wake up wake up... Poor girl... *HUGS AND COOKIES...* -M

Author's Response: So glad you liked this chapter...and you're not being too much of an optimist, because I know a few others would have liked to see the scenario you described...but my own personal experience and the research I did for this fic told me that when someone wakes from a coma, especially one this long, it just doesn't happen like that. Sadly. More soon! *runs off with cookies*

only_true_love 06/10/08 - 10:57PM 7: April
You got me crying again. Happy tears though. Greggo is IMPROVING!!! And he held Emily's hand. I swear my eyes went all wide and got teary eyed when it happened the first time. I even wanted to yell at the stupid doctor, she isnt lying you fool. Hopefully he will do it again or for Nicky too. Either way, its hope for so many people. *squeeeeeeeeeeee* Can you tell I'm happy about this!?!? lol I know there still is a long ways to go but its starting point. *hugs* *leaves huge basket of double fudge brownies* :D Btw, glad to see you were able to use the banner on here and just that you liked it.

Author's Response: I can tell you're happy, yes, and you're not the only one! *hugs back* I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter, even though it made you cry - sorry 'bout that - and there'll be more soon!

Tuppence 06/10/08 - 06:40PM 7: April
Oh you've put a glimmer of hope in this chapter. Smiles with glee :-) Nick and Emily may finally get to see Greg come out of his coma and as Nick thought at the end the hard part is really about to being. This whole story is jsut fantastic :-) Leaves out brownies for you :-)

Author's Response: Woohoo! Breakfast!! So pleased you enjoyed this chapter - I had a feeling people might*grin*, and there'll be more soon!

finney 06/10/08 - 06:16PM 7: April
I read this then read the previous chapters and had to stop numerous times because I was just overwhelmed with cuteness or sadness. It's so heart breaking seeing what something like this does to a child, and how sometimes it seems Emily is handling it better than Nick. Can't wait to see what happens.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for these wonderful comments - I'm so pleased you're enjoying this so far! As I've explained to other people who've commented previously, Emily's reactions are based on those of a child the same age who I looked after as a nanny - her mother was in a coma following a car accident, and was horrendously brain damaged when she woke up - so I'm glad that Emily's behaviour is ringing true. More soon!

Saras_Girl 06/07/08 - 11:51AM 6: March (b)
Sorry I'm only just reviewing now, I put off reading the new chapter until I had time to read it properly. It was wonderful, I love how much detail you put into your writing and how I can picture every little thing as I read it. Anyway, I'm sure you know how good I think your writing is by now, so anyway...I'm warming to Luke even though I didn't want to, and he seems to genuinely care about Nick and Emily. I still hope he does not get too close though because, well, I still want Greg to wake up soon, being the eternal optimist that I am. I especially enjoyed the bit where Luke takes Emily to meet all his co-workers, made me feel warm inside for some reason and I could 'see' them all. I was wondering who Luke's famous partner was too! Are you going to tell us?! This story makes me sad but I absolutely love it. (I'm also amused that I have some random echoes of this chapter in 'because' which I wrote before I read this...great minds? lol. More soon please. Nat x

Author's Response: Always good to have your comments on each chapter, and I'm so glad you're continuing to enjoy this story! This chapter was my favourite to write so far, mainly because the characters were so much fun to create - I have no idea where they come from, they just seem to pop into my head and refuse to leave until I feature them in a story! And no, I'm not revealing the identity of Luke's partner...there will be chocolate for the first reader to figure it out, though. *grin* More soon!

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