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Reviews for DNA

Elle 03/28/08 - 12:16PM 1: one shot
Dunno how I missed this the first time around, but that was so cute!!! I could so see that happening on the show!!! I want a plate reading DNA on my car toooooo *pouts*

Author's Response: lol... wouldn't that be cool? Though I think I want mine to just say QOTU... that's me! lol. If you see me out there, give me a wave! I'm glad you liked it, and really happy you can see that happening on the show, cause, that's what I was going for, of course. lol... thanks for the review!

only_true_love 03/21/08 - 10:26PM 1: one shot
Awwww so sweet and short. It be such a nice way for the boys to come out too! :D *hugs* *leaves easter shape frosted cookies*

Author's Response: lol, see, that's what I thought too! Much better than the other idea I had with them in bed together when Gil calls. This is more natural for the show, and not so GSRish. btw... thanks for the cookies! I love your baking!

candygirl1uk 03/21/08 - 12:19PM 1: one shot
Cute very cute and short... Aww excellent had a goofy smile on my face when i read that. CSI and DNA happy in love eh?

Author's Response: Thought you'd like it!

GregLover212 03/20/08 - 02:51AM 1: one shot
Awwww...QOTU that was great and funny...missed you hun....we need to catch....thank for that...totally made my day....*leaves you yet another slice of cake*

Author's Response: Awww, thanks for the comment, glad you missed me, makes me feel good... is that an odd thing? Well, you know, lol, someone misses me! And Yum! That cake was awesome! Glad I could totally make your day! Hope I can do it again sometime!

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