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Reviews for Braden Sanders-Stokes

Tuppence 06/13/09 - 09:11PM 15: Moving Foward
I enjoyed the time that Nick had with Braden here. It was good. I know what Nick is going through with Comet dying :-( so sad but she did have a good life. I'm really enjoying this series.

suckerforasmile 05/30/09 - 10:40PM 8: No Hope
So, your recent update kind of made me want to go back and reread. And I did. And I just want to tell you how HEARTBREAKING Braden is in chapter eight! (I think it's ch. 8 at least) He's such a sweetheart. Oh, I love him. And his grown up-ness, where he makes lunch and lets Comet out... Aww... And chapter thirteen, with the revisit to the 'talking about girls' thing... :) Anyway, I don't have specifics for the rest of the chapters, but you are insanely talented and I love every line of this entire fic. :)

Author's Response: Awwww... gee thanks! *blushes*

Tuppence 05/25/09 - 09:12PM 13: Science Geek in the Making
Oh I was so glad to see another chapter of this wonderful family up :) Poor Braden. 12 years is a difficult age and a time when you're trying to make your own statement. And I think Braden will make his own statement with regards to his clothes style. It's good seeing the fathers and son talks. Not every family talks so it's nice to see this. I look forward to the rest of the story :)

Author's Response: I'm sorry it's taken me so long to finish this, but it shouldn't be too long before the Epilogue is up. Scary thought, huh?

only_true_love 10/13/08 - 11:55PM 12: Gone
I have to say as well good luck with the job and the writing. I have to say I was a bit fearful to read this chapter b/c of you bringing up the possible need for a Kleenex, but I am glad I did. While I hate what was said it’s a very real thing to happen. But I so loved moments here and there. Like Greggo's smart thinking pulling Nicky away and trying to be the calm one. For Jimmy's, “Bring those idiots on!” Also for his not understanding why it was thought that Nicky and Greggo did something wrong. I wanted to shake my fist at you when the gunshot went off towards the end and I was then suddenly afraid, even more so when I read your Kleenex warning. Thankfully the boys are ok. And bless Braden for calling 911. *hugs for you and the boys as well as Braden and gigantic baskets of sugar & peanut butter cookies and double fudge brownies* Btw, Can I be the boys sitter until you get back? I promise to take good care of them while you are gone. ;) :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway. That's always a good thing coming from you.

Tuppence 10/12/08 - 05:38PM 12: Gone
First off good luck with the writing and the new job :-) Wow the emotional tension in this chapter. You've got to feel sorry for the whole family here. It's not easy for anyone living in a non-traditional family but a my heart goes out to the Sanders-Stokes family here. Nobody should have to go through what they did. I know Nick and Greg over time will heal but I hope Braden heals as well. Good job Braid for calling the police. I really like this story. It's one of those ones that could go on forever :-) Leaves out Nick and Greg shaped cookies.

Author's Response: Thanks. I love your comments!

jayfray18 10/12/08 - 02:55PM 1: Greg in Miniature
Was just thinking about this earlier, and remembered you writing that you were moving. Good to hear you got the job you wanted, so good luck when you start. And wow, what an emotional chapter. The physical and mental pain they all went through, and Braiden, going through so much. Excellent update as always.

Author's Response: Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

Saras_Girl 09/17/08 - 02:04PM 11: Tenth Year
Woo the shortness...I was suprised too but then again sometimes it's just one little scene that says it all *shrug* you can say a lot in relatively few words. Well some can. You can. I can't. lol. Anyhow, you can write short chapters or long ones, I always enjoy them. Nice to see the passion doesn't die after a few years, I live in hope :) Nat x

only_true_love 09/16/08 - 10:59PM 11: Tenth Year
Awwww.... The passion will never ever die between the boys. They will be in their 80's and still loving and horny teenagers. lol I have to say I was surprised how short this was. It was AWESOME as always but so not like you. :P *hugs and gigantic baskets of double fudge brownies and sugar cookies* :D

Author's Response: LOL... I keep trying to picture them as older men, but I just can't do it!

Tuppence 09/16/08 - 10:47AM 11: Tenth Year
Happy Anniversary Guys. I hope you have a good time. Nice short update. Thank you :-)

jayfray18 09/16/08 - 06:35AM 11: Tenth Year
Short but sweet! And I can confirm that the passion doesn't fade after 10 years! Just gets better!!!!!

candygirl1uk 09/15/08 - 01:58PM 11: Tenth Year
Aww yeah u wasnt kidding. Damn it was short!!! I love your work... Yeah but it was cute, and aww, about them celebrating their anniversary. Love lke that cant die!!!. Keep in touch :)

Saras_Girl 08/30/08 - 05:57AM 10: Scared
Ah...I knew this would be all lovely and fluffy so I saved it for Saturday morning on the sofa with my blanket and coffee :) lol. And it didn't disappoint! I was worried for a little while but I knew you wouldn't do anything awful to Braden, I thought he'd run away, bless him it's awful when parents argue. I also loved the 'I like you together, not apart' line and Nick getting his priorities right in the end. Great, as always, and fantastic news about the new place too :) Nat x

Author's Response: Yes, that was my fav line too! And of course Nick had to get his priorities right. I couldn't split them up. That would be horrible. To quote Braden "I like you together, not apart." lol. Thanks for the review!

candygirl1uk 08/30/08 - 05:45AM 10: Scared
Hey great chapter, aww the poor kid running away like that. He really dont like arguments or anythng that loud. I dont know, i dont think Greg was being unresonable about Nick's promotion. ~ Hey confession time, been our of sequences in this one shot story, but its great. Their kid just gets cuter by the chapter. ~ Hope the move goes ok. Great writing as always!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! And yes, the move went fantastic!

only_true_love 08/29/08 - 10:59PM 10: Scared
Glad Braden is ok!!!! I have to agree that he is still unsure of his life with his dads. And a prime example (next to running away) was when he said, “You’ll really listen to me like that?" Of course they do. The boys love him sooooooooooo very much. While the boys told Braden he can speak up when they fight & all but maybe if Braden really feels uncomfortable he can go to Bobby's place to hang out. Kinda like a second safe place for him. Does that make sense?? Congrats on moving! *hugs and gigantic baskets of sugar cookies and double fudge brownies* :D

Author's Response: Never thought about Bobby's place as a hangout. I'll have to think on that some more... Thanks for the review and all the goodies!

Tuppence 08/29/08 - 09:03PM 10: Scared
Poor Braden. He must still be feeling the effects of his life before Nick and Greg to want to run away when they have an argument but it all came out for the best. Nick knew he didn't want another shift and family sometimes needs to come first before a job. Good for Braden that he had the right answer 'Don't split up. I love you together. Not apart.' Braden doesn't understand the whole discussion but he does have the correct answer. Smart kid.

Author's Response: That's an interesting thought, but I was more thinking, this would be like him yelling at his parents, telling them what to do, which is the opposite of "normal". Know what I mean? But, it could be both, really. lol, yup, I wanted something different from the usual "Nick accepts promotion" story, and this was it. Glad you liked!

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