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Reviews for A Cowboy's Anniversary

AcaciaJules 09/11/07 - 07:53PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary type more, brain jello.......

MissMurderMe 07/07/06 - 10:42PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
haha wow that was yum. very yum.

csi_nikki 02/25/06 - 05:16PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
oOoOoOo! hot and sexy! ~nikki

LoneWolf13 01/07/06 - 09:45PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
That was so hot. I love how Greg started out being the dom and then Nick taking over! Sounds like a good anniversary to me ;)

twins1729 12/04/05 - 06:49PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
Very hot. What lives these two sex machines have! I really enjoyed reading this.

Dixie 06/16/05 - 12:15PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
Save a horse, Ride a Cowboy!! I do love cowboys, hot damn! =)

Author's Response: I know I can't resist a good cowboy either. XD Glad you liked!

Danielle Elenauial 06/16/05 - 02:18AM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
....Wow. Amazingly hot. And so funny too! *dies laughing* Wonderful, wonderful! I loved it. Nice work.

Author's Response: Thanks! I like that people are responding to the humor as much as the smutty-ness. It's a good thing.

Serenity 06/15/05 - 06:10PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
Gasp! Wow! Eeep! Can't form sentences! Amamzingly hot! Loved it!

Author's Response: ::grins:: Thank you!

socksnmayo 06/15/05 - 03:54PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
Oh My God. This has got to be one of my most favorite fan fics EVER! i love the whole "Nick was taking his sweet-ass, mmm…it is quite sweet…time" i was laughing so much. Keep posting, you're a great writer. -adrian

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it. I had far too much fun with it, as did the boys. ;)

shacky20 06/14/05 - 11:38PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
Oh, I'm so glad you posted this here, I so loved this fic, so hot and steamy and boy can you write hot steamy boy smut. I actually just reread this last night again. Now we need Post-Its' over here to share the love

Author's Response: I'm slowly working on getting alll of my work up over here. Just short on time. And I love writing hot steamy boy smut, so you'll have plenty to look forward to.

jennybel75 06/14/05 - 11:11PM 1: A Cowboy's Anniversary
OMFG! Dom!Greg in leather chaps ::swoons:: Dom! Nick. Damn, I need a cigarette after that and I don't smoke! ;) An excellent "ride"

Author's Response: Haha, that almost sounds like a movie review you would hear in a trailer. ::dies thinking about this being made into a "movie" ::

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