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Reviews for It's a wonderful life, Greg!

Swedish_csifan 12/30/08 - 05:07AM 1: It's a wonderful life, Greg!
Great fic. It had me hooked from first word to last word. Im very happy that it had a happy ending. :) xxx Carro

Seshat3 12/23/08 - 08:19PM 1: It's a wonderful life, Greg!
I'm glad this was put on the front page of the site. I'm bawling like a baby. I'm feeling like Greg is, like something is missing from my life, like maybe people would be better off not knowing me. I've had a long, tough, miserable, difficult year....yours story, and the movie that inspired it, give me a ray of hope that things really will work out, and that I do have a purpose, even if I don't know it myself. Thank you. This is beautiful, painful, graceful and touching. One to bookmark for sure although I need a new box of tissues.

candygirl1uk 12/24/07 - 09:09PM 1: It's a wonderful life, Greg!
Awww poor Greggo. Great story thought. Well done.

only_true_love 12/22/07 - 10:57PM 1: It's a wonderful life, Greg!
Such a great story! Glad all worked out. Love the movie that this was based on! And I love that they are engaged! Squeeee. Well done! Merry Christmas! :) *adds to fav.*

QueenOfTheUniverse 12/22/07 - 11:59AM 1: It's a wonderful life, Greg!
Oh my gosh that was such a great story! Nice job! And Merry Christmas!!!

miracleromancer 12/22/07 - 08:56AM 1: It's a wonderful life, Greg!
Awww I loved it! Especially the ending. That movie is one of my favorites, hope you ave a good holiday :D

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