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Reviews for Ghost

candygirl1uk 02/23/08 - 06:28PM 17: Chapter 17
Wlow what a sad sad ending. It was really good, the way that you managed to put it all together. Well done.

Author's Response: Phew! lol, I'm glad you liked how it ended! Thanks for the review!

EvenStar 02/23/08 - 04:04PM 1: Chapter 1
It was a good ending, for a sad ending... It is open, and realistic, in truth. I wanted more not much more, just a bit more... I felt like it could have been slightly more resolved, but I guess it leaves it open so maybe perhaps there could be a continuation if you, the writer so wished... (Not that you might or would or will ever.... have one... and that's fine...) I would love to see one where Nick finally found Greg... just to say what is on his mind... I kind of feel that he has some kind of need or what not to just let him hear exactly what's bubbling underneath... the anger, the confusion, the love, the passion, the everything... I kind of got the impression that he has a lot he would need to tell the man he married.... maybe that was what I was missing at the end... I don't know... it was good, so don't get me wrong... I loved the way you ended it... Angsty story with bittersweet ending... Anyways, I should stop going on and on and on in this and just tell you it was a great story, I've really enjoyed it... and I hope to see something from you soon... ~M

Author's Response: lol, funny you should mention a sequel... I've got one titled with notes, but then decided it was a bad idea because it wouldn't/couldn't have a good ending for the boys. Though I do like parts of it, I have no clue how it would end, and that part bugs me, which is why, partly why I decided to scrap that idea. This ending leaves it open for you, as a reader, to dream up your own ending, whether it be happy or sad. But honestly, I agree with you about Nick needing to say things to Greg. The only question is, what on earth would he say? That could be interesting... that might change things... perhaps an epilogue is in order... but I don't know for sure. We'll have to see. lol, and don't worry, I always value reader's input, and yours is awesome! I'm glad you liked it over all, and thanks for the review!

GregLover212 02/23/08 - 03:21PM 1: Chapter 1
Oh! and my suprise is up now on youtube my username for that Shazza_018........hope you like it and let me know what you think...

Author's Response: Oh, I love it!!!! I posted a comment there and I'm already watching it again!

GregLover212 02/23/08 - 03:26AM 1: Chapter 1
Okay I can totally see why you end the story like this....some of the others still think you should have ended it differently but I love this ending..........well I have to say i throughly enjoy reading this story and had fun figuring out all the characters lol and putting the piece together........well I probably won't be able to cstch up wit you in nextt month....real life gets really hectic.. I got tennis practising to go to and I start tae kwon I'll probably be back reading your fics in July or August..........look forward to that...........hugs *leaves to chocolate cake* adn *gives you big hug*

Author's Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much! I was a little unsure how it would go over with it's content, but everyone seems to have liked it, and that helped me enjoy writing it that much more! Thanks for your great reviews, I enjoyed reading them! btw... I love tennis! I'll admit I suck at it, but it's still fun. And TKD is awesome! I'm assuming you're starting as a beginner, a white belt? I'm debating testing for my red belt next month *gulps*, that's a huge step... lol. Thanks for the cake too! It makes for a perfect desert to OTL's soup! *hugs* back. Can't wait for your next set of reviews!

only_true_love 02/22/08 - 10:33PM 17: Chapter 17
I toally forgot the tissues. *leaves a box behind for others* I soooooo thought it was going to end differently. So sad that the story is over and that it ended the way it did. *sniff* Though I'm curious from your last PM to me on Talk how you may use my ideas. If you forgot, I'll PM you again. :P Ev en though the ending was not what I suspected. Well not exactly , still loved it. Loved the story. And the note to Nicky, OH MY GOD. I sooooooo wanted to hug Nicky *hugs him* Cant wait to read more of your stories! :D *hugs* and hope you feel better soon! *leaves chicken noodle soup with Greggo and Nicky shaped noodles* ;D

Author's Response: I can't believe you forgot the tissues again! lol. But I'm glad you didn't know how the story was going to end, I think that might have ruined it, if just a tad. I'm glad you still liked it too. Well, one of your suggestions might get put into use sometime in the future in a different story, I don't want to say which one though, but when I do, I'll be sure to give full credit where credit is due! Don't worry, more stories will be coming soon! And if you want updates, to know when they'll be coming, check out my new wiki! PS... Thanks so awesomely much for the soup! I'm loving it as we speak! The noodles are soooo cute, I feel bad eating them but they taste great! lol... *hugs* back, thanks for all of your great reviews and interesting PMs!

Tuppence 02/22/08 - 09:06PM 17: Chapter 17
Oh what a bitter sweet ending. I'm glad I had the Kleenex handy. I think there have been only 3 other stories or books that I've cried about over the years and I'll gladly add this as the 4th. You made me really feel for both Greg and Nick in these last few chapters. You did good. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick this past week but thanks for taking the time to get this chapter in. Best of luck with your writing or editing in March. Again thanks for this fantastic story.

Author's Response: Thank you for your great review and for reading all the way through complete with reviews! I'm overjoyed to be added to that list! Wow... can't believe I'm making it onto a list like that! Thanks for the luck too, I'll need it with my suddenly busy schedule! And you're very welcome for the story I enjoyed every moment of writing it and reading all of your reviews!

seether_79 02/22/08 - 06:54PM 17: Chapter 17
Wow, just wow. I am blown away by this. What a sad but very right ending. it just seems to fit what the story is. Loved this so much, every word of it. Thank-you for giving as something as awseome as this to read :))) Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you for your awesome review! And for sticking with the story all the way through! I'm glad you like the ending the way it went. I wondered how people would take it, and it seems to have gone over well. Thanks again!

EvenStar 02/19/08 - 12:11AM 16: Chapter 16
I must have started this story like a thousand times and for some reason unable to get through it... but I finally made it and I'm really glad I did... because this story is super good, and I can't wait to see what happens in the last chapter... I'm glad Greg didn't kill Nick... that would be too much.... An amazing story... and I really really really can't wait to see the end of this and how Nick finally takes the news... I'm a bit mad at Greg really for toying with Nicky's heart and stuff... i mean if he was an assassin all along... I mean I know you really can't help who your heart wants... But still, did he really think it was going to end up any other way???? Anyways, here is to looking forward to the next chapter... ~M

Author's Response: Aww, I'm glad you stuck with it and finally finished it! That means a lot! I'm glad you like it too, of course! And yeah, I hear where you're coming from about Greg being an assassin all along, he just couldn't help himself, he wanted that simple life soooo much... Hopefully I'll get the last chapter up soon!

Tuppence 02/17/08 - 08:21AM 16: Chapter 16
Wow what a great chapter. I read it last night and then again this morning to let everything sink in. Greg showed how much he really loves Nick by keeping his wedding ring 'pure' throughout this whole ordeal. And will Nick be able to save Greg in the end and will they be able to live happily ever after? I look forward to the last chapter to hopefully reveal all the details and to find out what's in Nick's letter.

Author's Response: I can't believe you read it twice! But I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the review!

GregLover212 02/17/08 - 03:21AM 16: Chapter 16
Okay get why I may have sparked the idea of the informant.glad I gave you the idea : ) back to the I reallyy don't know what to say I'm a little upset right now...god okay right now I'm wondering what greg's next move will....wait no I don't wnat to think about that cause I have an idea what he might sorry I'm rambling but I'm reallly upset right now..........I still don't see this ending well.......I think you might give us another unexpected twisted before it all over...........Aaah next chapter is the need to hurry up with making that thing for you *mysterious surprise*...sorry it has to be lol.........

Author's Response: Glad you get the informant part, as I read your comment it was like all of a sudden it made sense to me. lol. Thanks! I know this may sound bad, but I'm also glad you're a little upset, cause you're supposed to be over what's happening to the boys. I think I know what you're thinking. I won't say it'll happen or not, but you might be surprised. And yup, the twist will play a big part. hehe, can't wait to see what this surprise is! I'll try to wait a few days before I post 17, as I'm almost done with it already! *GASP!*

seether_79 02/17/08 - 01:29AM 16: Chapter 16
Oh wow, what a greaqt chapter, I can't blame Greg for being so brutal with his former boss, the guy deserved it. And poor Nicky, his whole world has changed all of a sudden, I can't wait to read what Greg wrote to him. Such a great up-date, I can't wait for more :)))

Author's Response: Yeah, Tony did deserve it, big time. Glad you liked the chapter! Thanks for the review!

only_true_love 02/16/08 - 11:27PM 16: Chapter 16
You forgot to metntion to have tisses!!!! *sniff* Please Dear God dont tell me Greggo is going to kill himself. I may never give you brownies again if you do. Well maybe. Dont know yet, but it wont be often. *sigh* I'm reallly trying not to freak out about the letter. I think it said something along the lines that Nicky wont see him again & he's really sorry for everything. And how mcuh he will always love Nicky. *sniff* What I'm realllllllly hoping is there is some twist. Sone great surprise, that isnt expected. Only something if figured out by any of us readers that was a guess or hope. *realllllllly is hoping what I have been thinking is right* *hugs* :) *leaves tissues boxes for this chapter and for the next*

Author's Response: lol, I figured my mentioning them in the last chapter was enough. Sorry about that! Heh, don't worry about the brownies, I just started working at a cafe and they have the best brownies I've ever had! Plus, I get a 50% discount! Not to say you won't want to give me brownies in the future... I just don't want to give anything away. And man, I've been working on this letter since Christmas, and it's undergone several revisions. One more to go and then I can finally post it! Yes, Kleenex much needed! Oh, there is a twist in the last chapter, but it might not be what you're expecting. Woot... going back to work on the final chapter!

GregLover212 02/11/08 - 02:12PM 15: Chapter 15
Oh! and I forgot to add before are you still planning on finishing this by March???.....cause I'll have a little something ready for you by the end of it.....

Author's Response: Oooh, you're making me something?!?!?! *eyes grow wide with wonder* Awww, I love my readers! And yes, I am planning on finishing this by March, might even be sooner than that. I'll be taking a month off from fanfic to edit my original novel which is why I want this done before then. I don't want to leave you all hanging for a month with the ending so near!

GregLover212 02/11/08 - 04:05AM 15: Chapter 15
Wow! (why am I listening to "Spin" by Lifehouse while reading this chapter it making my head hurt even more lol) okay first of all I kept thinking about greg's character all throughout the story and I kept doubting his connect with Geoff that he and Greoff were the same put stuff that made me think otherwise.....I feel like I don't wanna read on from this chapter I kinda see where your going from here but I'll have to cause I wanna know what happens.......*waits for update"

Author's Response: lol, the ending will still surprise you, and might still make you think. As for you wondering about Greg/Geoff, you and all my other readers who commented helped with that. When you didn't see that they were one and the same right from the start like I figured everyone would, I decided to add a lot more in to confuse you even more, which I think made it a much better story in the long run. If you'd figured everything out in chapter 3, it would have been a lame story. lol. Thanks for your review!

only_true_love 02/10/08 - 10:03PM 15: Chapter 15
OH MY GOD! Well I should have learned to stick to my gut on how Geoff was in the fisrt place. Plus I should have read this before I read the other story with Greggo trying on leather pants. Ignore the suggestion of reading my PM first. I'm going ot stick who I orig. PM'd you on who the Devil was. And lol at the kidnapping thing. I wont do it, only b/c Greggo can save Nicky. I'm just rambling b/c I'm so upset. *needs to learn not to analyze things too much* I think Imight need to read the leather pants story again, just to cheer me up. *sigh* One question though that made me doubt at times that Greggo was Geoff and the informant. When he wasnt feeling well at a scene and was sitting in the car, didnt he see someone he thought he recognized??? And I thought at the time it was Geoff and why I then concluded that Greggo knew Geoff somehow. *is stopping now* *hugs* :)

Author's Response: Awww, I'm sorry you got upset, but don't worry, my next two planned stories will be mostly fluff! (yay for fluff!!!) As to your question, he only remembered that sometimes the perp comes back to the crime scene to watch the CSIs work, like Nick told him Pig did in Fannysmackin'. That set it up for him to be Geoff, watching Nick process the scene. And, actually, your analyzing things so much really helped this story along. I took that and added in so much more than I would have originally because I realized you and everyone else hadn't gotten who Geoff was in the beginning like I thought you would. So, I took the initiative and played with your heads a bit. hehehe, I'm evil, I know, but it was fun! And, I think I got a much better story out of it, so thanks for over analyzing!

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