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Reviews for Ties that blind...

MoonGoddess 11/15/07 - 12:57AM 3: Chapter 3
There is a lot of good fodder here, I can't wait to read what happens next. Do our boys meet soon??

Author's Response: Hey there thanks for the review... The itch will be scratched soon... Keep on reading.

only_true_love 11/11/07 - 10:29PM 3: Chapter 3
I'm wondering like QOTU about if Kristy is the same Kristy that we know of. I very different take vs what we know and see on the show. Cant wait to read more and see if some of what I have guessed will trun out to be true! *hugs* :)

Author's Response: LOL thanks for the review, yeah its the same as the one on the telly. But the fate of her, what happens, the plot etc, will be told as the story involves. I cant say much more than that - sloppy big grin- heheehehe ya just have to wait and find out. What have you guessed? Ah my mind, lke my world is full of never ending cycles... Who knows where things go.

QueenOfTheUniverse 11/11/07 - 07:23PM 3: Chapter 3
I'm assuming this Kristy is the one and the same from season 1? That could make things VERY interesting! lol. It's interesting seeing these two in these roles, which are very different from their real ones.... ah, well, can't wait until the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah its the same one. But oh dear me, with my imagination god only knows what will happen.. I You just will have to keep reading, im sure now that I am back in my mojo the boys will not let me stop untill i finish. I like to be different in the ways of the world... Thanks for the review... Smiles..

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