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Reviews for Happy Birthday, My Love

Wojo 02/24/08 - 09:29AM 1: one shot
This was cute, I remember the commercial this is based on. Good job.

Zodiac32 11/12/07 - 11:43PM 1: one shot
Oh, my Godness. That was adorable! I didn't even realize what commercial it was from until about halfway through and then I was like "D'oh! I remember that one!" XD Very clever of you, indeed.

twins1729 11/11/07 - 05:42PM 1: one shot
That was so adorable Queen! I LOVED it! XD Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Author's Response: You're very very welcome! I hope it was a spectacular day, especially with those CSI dvds!

only_true_love 11/11/07 - 02:39PM 1: one shot
hehehe I know what commercial you are talking about. Love this story. So cute, sweet and fluffy. Great Job! *hugs* :)

EvenStar 11/11/07 - 11:57AM 1: one shot
Giggles. Very good, very sweet, gotta love Greg... well and Nick... hell I'd love them both... Loved it. ~M

CSI Fan3 11/11/07 - 11:50AM 1: one shot
Great story, really nicely written. Don't know the commercial, though

Author's Response: The commercial had a little girl in school, maybe middle school age, who had a crush on a boy. She was writing about him in her notebook, probably drawing the heart with the initials, and it moved to the chalk board, where she erased it, and the message just kept moving until it ended up on the table in the lunch room in front of her crush. It was really cute, and I just couldn't get the idea of Nick and Greg in their places out of my head! Anyway, thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it!!

jayceepat 11/11/07 - 09:42AM 1: one shot
I remember the ad well and if I'd seen this version, I would be shopping at JCPenney's a lot more! Very good.

Author's Response: lol, you and me both!

seether_79 11/11/07 - 08:18AM 1: one shot
That was really cute! Very nice :)

Tuppence 11/11/07 - 08:09AM 1: one shot
Ah you've got to love fluff sometimes. This was sweet. And good. Just the right combo to start the day. Thanks.

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