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Reviews for Dying To Please

Wojo 02/23/08 - 03:32PM 1: one shot
That was so heartbreaking and sad, but I'm happy it ended somewhat happily.

Author's Response: I know I'm horrible to my MCs but I can't help it. At least for the most part I have to give them a happy ending. I couldn't have killed Greg off in this one. That would have been really bad. lol, thanks for the review!

notWanted 10/22/07 - 07:58AM 1: one shot
*Hitting Ecklie with my thoughts* Gosh! Beautiful story! but yet, so sad. I think you should write a sequel to this :) Keep up the good work ;)

Author's Response: No sequel in the works... but I did come up with an original idea with original characters based on this idea. I don't know if it'll ever get written, but we'll see.

seether_79 10/22/07 - 05:47AM 1: one shot
That was so good, intense, but good. Beautifully written. Even though the ending wasn't an un-happy one I still feel so sad for Greg. Horrible Eckile, I wish he would fall of a cliff now!!!! Wonderful :)

Author's Response: Aw, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the review!

candygirl1uk 10/22/07 - 03:52AM 1: one shot
Dear God is it possible that you can write any more angst and darkness, you suppresed even my doubts... Your creative mind sure is blacker than any Dean Koontze novel i have ever read- brilliant as always....

Author's Response: Yeah... I know, I can't seem to stay away from dark, angst ridden stories. They draw me like a moth to a flame! But I'm glad you liked it!

suckerforasmile 10/22/07 - 01:01AM 1: one shot
Oh, yay. ^_^ I can say with complete honesty that this is the happiest I've been for a happy ending, ever. Just yay. You had me worrying for a while. And a perfect balance of angst and happy, so what I needed after hours of homework. Ah, you're wonderful! -hugs-

Author's Response: Awww, I'm glad it made you happy! And if you say it has a perfect balance... that makes me happy!

only_true_love 10/21/07 - 09:10PM 1: one shot
Oh My God. BRILLANT! Youy seriously had me going still even though you warned me!!! I'm glad Greg ended up being ok in the ned and that Nick found him or I would have kidnapped him!!! Wojo might of even helped! lol You seriously had me crying a few lines inot the story! :( It shows how one moment change a person's life. I know there isnt a sequel but is it bad for wanting to boil ecklie??? *hugs for greg and Nick for finding him* & *hugs for you too! * :)

Author's Response: lol, you like to boil people you dislike a lot don't you? hehehe. I'm glad you liked it! I was a little unsure how people would take it, so your review made me happy! Thanks!

ArmyBrat101 10/21/07 - 06:19PM 1: one shot
Omg , what a sad story. I'm glad that there was a happy ending though and that Nick put so much into looking for Greg. Sweet story :)

Author's Response: Woot! Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it!

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