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Reviews for Dig the Hole Wide and Deep

elin1982 02/21/10 - 02:48PM 28: And the World Keeps Spinning
this was just awesome story, everything in this was just perfect:) great writing, keep up the good work:)

EvenStar 12/06/07 - 10:59PM 28: And the World Keeps Spinning
Brovo, well done... Wipes tear from eye.... Sad to see this story end but happy to see it ended well... I hope everything gets better with you Wonderful story... ~M

Author's Response: Thank you for the sweet words and the constant support. It was a great experience and I'm sorry to see it end always. Maybe now I can concentrate on some other problems like my nasty house. Got to get it ready for Santa Claus.

Yoshi 12/06/07 - 07:32PM 28: And the World Keeps Spinning
Superb. I'm glad you didn't make the getting back together straight forward (and even more so because it involved Torchwood. Season 2 starts in the UK in January - I can hardly wait). I really liked how Greg had matured and become his own man and wasn't going to take any crap from Nick whatsoever. His realisation that you can look forever for perfection and never find it was beautifully written and so true. This has been such an engaging and well paced piece of work, with really good attention to detail however difficult some of it must have been to research. Thank you for sharing. Oh yes - and what are you writing next? :-)

Author's Response: Hey, I figured they should have as much trouble as I did trying to get to a solution. But I just love Torchwood. I have been totally blown away by this series since the first one I saw. As soon as I saw this one, I had the whole chapter in my head. It was just a case of typing fast enough to get it into a file for editing. The research was a nightmare as you well know. I urgently needed a twist for the childhood molestation. It's been covered and written about to the point where everyone is sick of hearing about it. One day, I was reading something about male rape and the fact that so many male victims suffer extreme shame because they have a climax. It has nothing to do with enjoyment, it's just the male physiology. If the prostate is stimulated, they almost have no control and I thought what if Nick had some sort of sexual response during the violation. Then I had a devil of a time trying to find info about puberty in very young males. You know everyone thinks all you have to do is get on the internet but you have to word the search argument just right. It wasn't until I ran across the phrase 'precocious puberty' that I finally found what I needed. What am I writing next? Christmas cards, girl. That's what!

EvenStar 12/05/07 - 07:50PM 27: The Only Thing He Could Say
Such a sad beautiful chapter... Well done... I wonder what Greg said... you still uncertain? anyays..... I can't wait for the update... ~M

Author's Response: I was uncertain right up to the end. I took a break to catch up on some of my TIVO'd episodes and after watching the episode of Torchwood I described in the final chapter, I knew which way I wanted to go.

Yoshi 12/04/07 - 06:33PM 26: 26:All the Pieces of the Puzzle
Cliffhanger anyone? Good chapter coming to a peak like that - can't wait to hear what it is that Nick has realised.

Author's Response: This chapter is the one I've been working up to ever since chapter two. It has to be just right to make every thing clear.

EvenStar 12/04/07 - 10:09AM 26: 26:All the Pieces of the Puzzle
Now you are just stringing us along... Great chapter... Aching to hear what Nick has to say... and I believe it's a lot... I just hope Greg's capable of forgiveness because even if they don't get back together... Nick still needs the peace to know.... ~M

Author's Response: No I'm not, I just looked down and realized I was on the 9th page and needed to bring things to a logical close. You know I'm not going to have them just fall in each others arms and I have to admit, I'm still wavering about the end of the story.

EvenStar 12/03/07 - 12:25AM 25: 25: Who Who Who are You?
Poor Nick, I know it hurts now but it will feel so much better if you get it out of your system... it's poisoning you...doc hang tough.... Great chapter... great discription... Great everything... ~M

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's nice to know my idea is coming through.

Yoshi 12/01/07 - 05:07PM 24: 24:An Introduction to the Devil
Oooh a nasty turn for Alan to witness there. Nick is in such a dark place. Hope he gets out but I fear for him. :-(

Author's Response: This was not easy to write, I'm sure it wasn't easy to read. But it's really necessary to the development of the story.

candygirl1uk 11/30/07 - 07:24PM 13: 13: Nicks memories
That was a hard chapter to read and i bet a hard chapter to write as well.. I would never of guessed that Nick could rape Greg, ever, but yeah depression and association can bring on characteristical changes like that. Beautifully written well done.

Author's Response: I was terribly hard because it's so out of character for Nick Stokes. This has been the hardest problem during this story trying to make Nick move out of his normal 'good guy' zone and into the dark place I need him to be.

candygirl1uk 11/30/07 - 07:11PM 12: 12:Act one, The Narrator Speaks
Good interaction betwen Bobby and Nick. I do like the way you have written this story, putting yourself in there as well to tell the tale almost... Good chatper and i cant believe no one has reviewed it.

Author's Response: Not many people read my stuff usually. I think I'm too slow and wordy for most people but's not like anyone has to pay me so I write the way I want and if anyone else likes it too..well I consider that a blessing. Thank you.

EvenStar 11/30/07 - 07:09PM 24: 24:An Introduction to the Devil
Very good... and I MIGHT forgive you for Killing Nick... if you can find a way to hook them back together... and fix nicky... Alan needs to understand Nick. but I don't think that story gets them closer, only a little deeper into Nick's infactuation with Greg... The pain still lies deeper... I know... Anyways... Great update... I hope to read your next chapter soon... ~M

Author's Response: Long live Nick!!!! He's back but still screwed up and the next chapter is in the works.

candygirl1uk 11/30/07 - 06:54PM 6: Greg, stage 2, 5 and beyond
Nice chapter loved it...

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to tell me. It's realy nice of you.

EvenStar 11/27/07 - 07:42PM 23: 23: The Morning After
Poor Nicky... He loves Greg so much... he really don't deserve another shot.... but it appears like he's getting closser to the root of all his problems and the closer he gets the more his subconscious is driving him nutty... Maybe Nick will finally open himself up and let it all go ... about that one event way back when.... and let it all out... because I think he needs another chance with Greg, but he has to loose this possessiveness... Great update... ~M

Author's Response: I think right now Nick has no idea why he does anything or even why he feels the way he does. He's one confused puppy.

EvenStar 11/26/07 - 12:21AM 22: 22: Nightmare Alley
I think a head on intervention bring them right in together... seperate at first then together... becuase they're both suffering from the same darn thing....Great chapter... and I've stayed up too late again... reading ... Oh well... I guess I'll deal... ~M

Author's Response: Sorry I'm interrupting your sleep but I'm so glad you are enjoying the story. At least Nick is being cared for at the clinic while Greg has Bobby and Steve caring for him. They aren't along.

Yoshi 11/25/07 - 07:40AM 21: 21: The Thot Plickens
I like your narrative sections, they're a little different and really work for me. i think they both have a fair way to go but the truth is out and maybe this will be turning point. If they can work it out that is. There's been some brutal moments and I don't know if the trust could come back. *worries*

Author's Response: Yoshi, I don't know if the trust can come either. I don't want to just have them fall in each others arms and say 'and they lived happily ever after.' I just can't write stories like that. I love happy endings but in real life, it doesn't matter how much love and trust there may be, bad things happen. With these two, bad things have already happened and I've got a lot of writing and re-writing to do to make it come out right. I'm glad you like my 'narrator'. We watch these people on TV which is like a window in our house. We are looking through our window at another universe. When I fall into 'narrator mode', I'm on my side of the window sort of commenting on what's going on in my story. Stay with me and we will both be surprised.

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