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Reviews for Better Than This

Wojo 02/23/08 - 03:05PM 1: Better Than This
Poor Greg, Nick was selfish and made him turn to someone else who treated him like dirt. Glad they worked it out and Greg was able to forgive. Nick's family sucks.

Zodiac32 09/26/07 - 12:51AM 1: Better Than This
That was simply gorgeous. I'm a sucker for anything angsty or fluffy, and this lovely story had both. Awesome!

Author's Response: Awww, thanks!

suckerforasmile 09/25/07 - 08:58AM 1: Better Than This
Aww! I think you lost the transition from scene to scene, but meh, it's fine. Ack, stupid parents. Being all..not supportive. And...stuff. >:| But everything seemed to work out, so that's okay! Lovely piece!

Author's Response: Yeah, scene transitions are always something I need to work on, lol. Thanks for the review!

only_true_love 09/24/07 - 08:07PM 1: Better Than This
This is the type of angst I like!!! Stupid Nick's parents! grrrrr *shakes fist at them* Before I even read what Grissom's reaction, I knew he'd support them!!! And Greg is right~ family loves you! *hugs* :) I added this one to my fav.!

Author's Response: Wow...your favs list?! Sweet! You're awesome, and I'm glad you liked it that much! yay!

Yoshi 09/24/07 - 07:16PM 1: Better Than This
That was harsh and fast to start with - felt like I had to take a step back from the screen in case Greg shouted at me lol :-) Never apologise for angst - I like the angsty bits. Makes the rest sweeter. Good solo fic, thank you.

Author's Response: *smiles* 'never apologize for angst'...good, cause that's what I love to write and what I write best! hehehe...thanks for the review!

candygirl1uk 09/24/07 - 03:50PM 1: Better Than This
A One shot? This was soo beautiful so tender, yeah a ikkle bit of angst, but No i t was tender passionate and sweet. Oh boy I had teears in my eyes reading the last bit.. Ouch! BUt I wanted to find out what happened FOR Nick ot to be his in the first place.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I wasn't so sure about this one, especially the ending, so I'm glad you think it's good. phew! lol, thanks for the review!

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