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Reviews for Fractured Cracky!Tales: Cindersara

xXxHiddenINtheLinesxXx 01/15/09 - 07:18PM 1: 1/1
*chokes* HAAAAhahahahahaha! *splutter* ahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!! *falls off chair* WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! *rolls on floor* HA HA HA HA HA HA *holds sides* OH HAHAHAHA MY siiiidddeeesssSSS HA HA AH Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa.....! *choke* *cough* *cough*....*giggle* ....*snicker* Dude! Dude! This was AWESOME!!!! :D I loved every minute of it! Stepho, Warrick in a tutu (seducing Archie no less!) a horny Greg and Nick, Sara in stupid shoes, and the STEEEAAAMMMY scene was just tpoo much! I literally did fall out of my chair. My brohter had to come check up on me because I was laughing so god, i'm crying from laughing! *contented sigh* This has been the funniest NickGreg (or overall CSI) story that I have ever read....YOU ARE MY FAVORITE AUTHOR!! :D I'm going to go read it again! :) 100/5!!!

Author's Response: Oh man, you're making me laugh! I love that you thought it was so funny and left a comment with laughing and spluttering in it. I kind of wrote this on MSN one night talking to a friend, and I liked it so much, I expanded it a bit. I forgot, Warrick in a tutu, how funny. I'm so glad to be your favourite author, that's delightful. You just made my night, totally, after a terrible day. Thank you for that! :-D

Zodiac32 09/27/07 - 10:55PM 1: 1/1
I think it takes the mind of either a genius or a crazy person to come up with something like this. Maybe a little of both? :D Simply, wonderfully cracktastic. Love, love, love FairyGodMother. You've made me into such a Warrick/Archie fan. Brava!

Author's Response: I'd like to think both just because I don't want to be just a crazy cat lady, but it's a distinct possibility. That was a weird mood I was in when I wrote. I'm so glad you're hopping on the Warrick/Archie train. When I watch CSI, I always scrutinize them closely, because I love their chemistry. I have to admit though, out of all the people on the show, Warrick creates a lovely chemistry with most of the people he interacts with. Interesting. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you. :-)

BeeLikeJ 09/16/07 - 04:25PM 1: 1/1
Cracktastic dahling! This will keep me smiling for days:-) You should post it in all the Nick & Greg playgrounds to spread the joy and keep us from despair while we're waiting for the new season;)

Author's Response: Thank you! What and where are the Nick and Greg playgrounds? I think I posted it at Nickngreg when I first wrote it. I just haven't posted all my fics here, so I did it one night when I was sort doing nothing. Thank you again! I've missed you!!! :-)

Tuppence 08/28/07 - 09:18PM 1: 1/1
One word: Priceless :-)

Author's Response: Thank you, I was in a weird mood that day, although I have to say, America could use good health care. Snork! Glad you enjoyed. :-D

Yoshi 08/28/07 - 10:32AM 1: 1/1
I haven't stopped smiling yet. :-)

Author's Response: Oh good, even though it's senseless crack!fic. But now you know how silly I can be. Thank you! :-D

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