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Reviews for Falling

Wojo 02/23/08 - 02:41PM 1: one shot
That was cute...

Author's Response: lol... I couldn't help myself!

lil_love_fan 08/14/07 - 06:21PM 1: one shot
Awwww! Love the whole story! It was really cute, and I could so see this happening on the show. It reminded me of a Yo!Bling moment where Warrick catches Cathrine in a harnesss. All in all, great work and brilliant writing!

Author's Response: lol, I was actually thinking of the Yo!Bling moment from Down the Drain when I wrote it. hehehe. Glad you like it!

suckerforasmile 08/14/07 - 01:15AM 1: one shot
Oh man. Awesome. It doesn't get much better than that. You're amazing.

Author's Response: I'm....what? What was that? I'm amazing?! wow...never thought I'd hear someone say that! hehehehe....never mind the wine, this is the stuff to get drunk off, thanks, hun! I'm really glad you liked it!!!!!

candygirl1uk 08/13/07 - 03:37PM 1: one shot
That one was sweet, touching and made me laugh... Me likes that a lot. You have captured the show very well...

Author's Response: Woot! Thank you! I'm glad you think I got the show right! yay!

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