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Reviews for You Saved Me

only_true_love 10/11/07 - 12:37AM 1: One
*sniffs* Beautiful Just Beautiful! GD makes me cry just thinking about it and the stores make me ball b/c most of what I've read Nick doesnt survive This made me cry happy tears though. Not only that Nick lives in this story that you see how strongly they love each other That Nick hung on b/c he had Greg in his life, someone to keep fighting. Once i became a fan of The Love I have looked back at so many moments between them & wondered at times did they survive b/c they had each other already? In other words, have secretly been canon. Or was it the poss. if they survive, they will have a chance with each other? *sniffs* again. Seriously I become a mess thinking of the GD episode. *hugs*

violet_eyes 02/06/06 - 01:30PM 1: One
Oh, this was...*sniffles happily*...what can I say except that I absolutely loved this! And I'm now going to spend the evening ploughing through the rest of your stuff...

Author's Response: Yeah, I wrote this right after GD, it begged to be written cause I thought Greg would suffer just as much, feeling so useless. And if it matters, some of my personal faves are, for angst, "A Different Kind of Pain, Lying in the Bed I Made, Take What you Will is very angsty" and for fun "Hungry and it's follow up's definiltey, Bathtime for Nicky, (I got best slash PWP, can you believe that) The Finer things is just cute too. Thanks hope you like

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