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Reviews for Greg Sanders: private dick #5

happyharper13 06/11/09 - 11:10PM 10: 10/13
Wow. I didn't notice this until this reread. "Id lost my family" was in the middle of one of Greg's lines. Will we ever find out more about this? You've hinted at his mother teaching him manners and, if I recall correctly, something about his grandparents, but I don't know the rest of it. I really can't wait to find out more about this!

Dark CSI 08/17/07 - 06:19PM 13: 13/13
*wails* Cat! It's been three weeks, I thought the sequel was finished? I'm desperately awaiting the next installment, please? Can I use some emotional blackmail and tell you how ill I've been this week in the hopes that you'll post the first chapter? Pleeeease! I need to see what happens next! (I do have a life, it's just this story has got under my skin in a way a fan fic never has before and I'm getting desperate!)

Author's Response: I know, I'm just waiting for the last chapter, and I have to make a banner. It'll be this week, I'm pretty sure. Snork. Emotional blackmail is great but I'd have to get you further along before you'd be happy. I know you have a life, I do too, and I understand. Sometimes i have to be careful about writing it, because once I'm in their world, I tend to get lost there. 7 has already started and I'm getting lost again. Thanks, sweetie, hang on. :-D

hou 08/14/07 - 05:54AM 13: 13/13
Yeah, i know you'll fix it ^ ^ cause i think i've read all your nice stories here, and you never turn us down. I can wait for that. Shoot ~ I really want to get on LJ, but the network still doesn't work. Would you please update here at the same time the next story comes? I do apprecitae that PS: This story got hot where it 've been recommended ( some Chinese slash site)

Author's Response: Yes, I always update here simultaneously with my LJ, a lot of people don't have LJ accounts. But also this site keeps the chapters together in a nice tidy way. Wow, I can't believe I got recommended on a Chinese slash site, the world really is a smaller place online. And trust me, I will fix it, I'm a total sucker for a happy ending. We have enough angst in real life. Thank you, sweetie. :-)

hou 08/13/07 - 10:58AM 13: 13/13
Thank you so much,Caris, You're so nice and i really feel better now. May i have a hug ? ^^,Those "Korean" character, acturally ,they were Chinese . It's kind of out-of-mind stupid when i wrote them down at the first place ,you know ,then i realized it and began to write in English , But i just out of words , maybe for the 2th language promblen, or i'd just put too much emotion at first ,then i didn't konw how to express it again. So the second part probably felt nothing but upset , didn't it? Just like these Chinese characters i kept for the beginging . Sorry if them bothered you , i didn't mean it. And this is what i forget to tell last time ,but not this time , GSPD is the best AU i read so far and i really expect it to be the "EVER". Thank you , Caris, it's an AWESOME work~

Author's Response: You're very welcome and the Chinese characters didn't bother me, I just couldn't understand them. I completely understand the second language problem; there are several writers who post here who speak English as a second language, and I respect them greatly. Also you, because reading in a second language is hard (I know). So I'm very happy that you enjoyed it and I made it seem real to you. If you read any of my other stories, you'll see, I always go for a happy ending. There is no way I can leave our boys apart. Thank you very much! :-D

hou 08/13/07 - 01:02AM 13: 13/13
真不敢相信,S5居然是这样一个结尾,怎么能这样子刺激我的泪腺呢。只能对着手机发呆,直到没电,还是睡不着。。。会有S6的,对吗,大人? I couldn't believe it just ended in that way. I read all them on my cellphone last night and now i cant delet them,even open the file. Oh,GOD, i still have TEARS, i thought i've run out of it when i fianlly got to sleep.

Author's Response: Oh dear, I'm sorry. The series does go on though, so there's always the possibility that they work this out. (Who am I trying to kid!) Many of your characters were Korean and I can't read them, but I hope you finally got to sleep. It made me sad too, so I'm suffering along with you. :-(

Dark CSI 08/07/07 - 07:49PM 1: 1/13
I had a look at your LJ and discovered all your Masquarade stories; wonderful stuff but why aren't they posted here? Anyway they kept me up until 4am the night before last and paased the time very nicely indeed while I'm waiting for GSpd6! But I've read them all now and I'm back to waiting for the next installment of GSpd (I'm not hounding you honest, but I am the world's MOST impatient person...just ask any of my friends. Five years olds would wait better than I do!). Anyhoo, I thought of the perfect word to describe your writing last night (and thus give some explanation to myself as to why I am letting one fic drive me crackers!) and that word is exquisite. And I'm done crying the emotional blacmail/stroking your ego/wrecking your head/insert whatever you want to call it here/. Although I still haven't found the support group! And if GSpd6 isn't up soon I'm goona need that support group! *laughs* And yes, I am a sad, sad person!

Author's Response: Heehee. The Masquerade stories are actually up but under my writing partner's name: Jennybel75. Although she didn't keep up with the posting; she created another LJ site instead. Frak. I need to add it to my sidebar. I'm not managing my time well, I can tell. Comes from being a free lancer. Well, I'm glad they passed the time. Although you have won my respect for speed reading if you managed to read all of them in one night! Hee! I actually do have another story I posted on my LJ and not here, maybe I should. While I can empathize with your impatience, imagine my problem! I have to write the dang things and sometimes I get impatient at it myself. But if I post too soon, I don't always get all I can out of a fic. Hurried writing doesn't seem to work for me. So I apologize for that. And believe me, calling my work exquisite sends shivers of happiness through me. I'm sorry to say, my betas are only about 1/3 of the way through 6, so it'll be a while yet. I'll try and find the support group thread for you. Thank you again, and I'm sending patient vibes at you. :-D

Lonewolfe001 08/05/07 - 01:11PM 13: 13/13
OMG, I woke up this morning & realised that there will be no new update of GSPD. I was so sad, felt like crying. I think i am going thru GSPD withdrawls. I even started rereading the series from the very first GSPD. its so weird reeading it espicially when you know whats going to happen. you are an amazing author. i cannot believe how everything links together. Its so weird in the beginning it was nick who was reaching out & greg kept pushing him away. its amazing to see how their relationship grew. I recommend that everyone should reread the series

Author's Response: I go through them when I can't write them. It's so fun living in their world. I almost have trouble writing other N/G right now, because this AU is so incredibly tempting. I am sorry about the crying. This one was killer to write, and I had to write 6 to cheer myself up. Actually, it's an addiction for me. And when I wrote the first one, I had no idea this would become a series. And I'm with you, keep rereading. LOL Thank you for making that lovely rec. :-D

lil_love_fan 08/04/07 - 10:22PM 13: 13/13
Wow. Seriously, this whole series leaves me speechless. First off, sorry for not reviewing sooner: real life always seems to get in the way. I am just incredibly sad that it didn't have the happy ending, but I think it makes the story more believable. I, like all of your other readers, was so sad after I read the last chapter yesterday that it actually made me cry T_T. But, the whole series is just phenomonal. From the characterizations to the dialogue, the universe in general, and most importantly the writing, everything is just so realistic and brilliant. One of my favourite lines though was from chapter 13, where you write:'it had to be real between us or it wasnt worth anything at all.' I just thought that those words are the bottom line of any successful relationship, and I really love the way you put it. I could rant and rave all day about your story, for that is how seriously amazing it is. I just wanted to let you know that you truly are a talented and brilliant author, so keep writing, and I cannot wait for the next installment. Until then, my heart will be hurting with Greggo :D.

Author's Response: Tell me about RL. But thank you very much! Speechless! I'm stunned but very pleased. Oh please, rant and rave all you like. It's my pay. ;-) I am so glad you agree that I couldn't just hit it with a pretty stick at the end and make it all better. They had too many secrets and too much distance between them at the end there, for them to just kiss and make up. Thank you for pointing out your favourite line; I like that too. And it is the bottom line; it takes so long to rebuild trust if it's violated. I really put my heart and soul into this series; I am so in love with it that when I have to come back to RL, I don't want to. Comments like yours make me want to keep on writing, talented and brilliant, that's just so wonderful to hear. GSpd 6 is all written and being beta'd, so it shouldn't be too long. And thank you very much, comments like yours keep me writing. :-)

pretty_apathetic 08/04/07 - 08:42PM 13: 13/13
Oh holy crap! This is so my favourite part of the series! The angst is just beautiful, and seriously, how do you come up with all these cases? I am envious. *prays to the fic gods that your beta's get part 6 back to you soon because this is so my relief during a stressful time* *bounces impatiently*

Author's Response: It's hard to come up with the cases. I'll tell you, I've been reading mysteries most of my life and it took a bit of effort to get to where I could sprinkle clues in a diversionary way. My beta's have already started to get it back. It is longer than this, so it's going to take them a while, seeing as I write a lot of words. I'm sorry for the stress, but this story demanded to be told this way. There was no way I could get them back together with all that distance between them. Poor babies. It hurts me too. Thank you! :-D

Dark CSI 08/04/07 - 07:39PM 1: 1/13
*blushes* Um, Catlover? I've already read all your fics! You're one of my favourite writers on the site. The only other story I'm waiting so eagerly for is Kennedy's follow up to Stokes, Sanders and the lost tribe of Samartia. And if your Beta is taking a long time, I offer my services to you if it will get the story up quicker! (seriously, I'm actually a pretty good editor, I'm an English graduate). Anyway, questions, I read your response to my last review and can I put in an arguement to defend Greg? Yes, I know he had to learn that he needed Nick (although he did tell Nick he needed him), but Nick has to accept him for being independant too! (I'm still annoyed at Nick, I'm blaming him for all this!) I thought Nick's betrayel was greater because he gave Greg no reason to feel anything other than insecurity! He ran to Kirsty at the drop of a hat, refused to believe Greg was just helping Warrick when Greg has a long history of helping people yet he believed the scheming, conniving Kirsty! And then he locked GReg out of the club, and instructed Rich to pretend he didn't know him! That was cold. Greg might be too independant sometimes, but Nick is too proud and I think pride is the greater sin! Okay, sorry, but I had to take some of the blame off poor Greg! Also, I was serious about betaing...that's how serious I am about this fic, I'll do anything to get it up and get rid if the sad feeling! *winks* btw, where's your LJ? I think I need to admit to being a GSPD addict! Thanks again for a wonderful story!

Author's Response: I know, I remember seeing your comments. Thank you very much! You don't know how happy that makes me. And Kennedy is well worth being another, I beta for him, and he beta's for me. Symbiotic. I've told both him and Liriel of your kind offer and they staked their claim on me, saying they're not sharing. But I thank you, because I like your writing. Now you've got me hooked on Hard Lessons and I'm going to bug for updates. So there. Your arguments are just. I adore Greg and he will stay independent. And I don't think Nick wants him to be dependent, he just needs a little more from him. However, there is still another reason Nick did what he did. My LJ is: Hee, I can't remember which chapter the support group cropped in, but you can go into the last one and admit your addiction. Hee! I'm one too. And thank you for your thoughtful comments. I love that you think about them as much as I do. They are both admirable men. :-D

Lonewolfe001 08/04/07 - 08:45AM 13: 13/13
Amazing fic. Poor nick and greg i hope they make up. What about the letters ?

Author's Response: Ah yes, what ABOUT the letters? That comes in GSpd 6. So glad you liked it. GSpd 6 is written and being beta'd so we'll find out soon. Thank you very much. :-)

Dreama 08/04/07 - 07:27AM 13: 13/13
Well I knew it would come to tat because you told me but I didn't think you would be that cruel. I mean.... at the end of the chapter? OMG, you are like the cruelest person. Dpo me at least a favour and hurry up with the next part. Because this hurts, really real bad and I want you to take the pain away. I want them to be back toether to be happy to be like they are. I suffer with Nick and also with Greg. I hate Kristy and feel sorry for her husband. I am araid to see where you will take tha whole 'Kristy is pregnant' storyline and whether Nick really is the father. ALthough I dout it. I hope for the story to take the turn that Nick comes clean with Sam because I can't imagine Sam being bad when Nick tells him he is gay. I love this part, a great fic and you are so amazing that you can come up with all of this. It is simply great.

Author's Response: And thank you for keeping mum. Yes, I was incredibly cruel, wasn't I? But I'm suffering along with you all, I'm equally unhappy that they didn't get back together. GSpd 6 is already written and Kennedy and Liriel are beta-ing it for me. SO I will post as soon as I get it back. IT's totally ridiculous for us to hurt over fictional characters, but I love them so, it hurts me too. Kristy was lying, she isn't pregnant, she just saw everything slipping away, so she tried the age-old claim. I totally didn't think how misleading that would be, sorry.Thank you. It means a lot that you say that. I think I love telling stories, but I'm not sure where all the twists and turns come from. Maybe it's just luck. Thank you, sweetie! :-)

loony_lenny 08/03/07 - 11:01PM 13: 13/13
OMG!!! Have to tell you I love the whole series and they just keep getting better and better! Really hope you plan to post the next one soon cuz although I agree with lilybrisco, a rift like that takes time to heal and would have been wrong to have it fixed just like that I'm still having a psychotic episode cus I'm desperate to see them back together!! ANyway, it was fantastic, I LOVE it well done :-)

Author's Response: Believe me, I'm desperate to see them back together too, which is why I wrote 6 immediately upon finishing this one. GSpd6 is done and with my betas, and I'll post as soon as I get it back. Thank you for loving the series, I am addicted to it myself, with 7 started and notes for 8. Thank you very much! :-)

LilyBriscoe 08/03/07 - 10:18PM 1: 1/13
I can't believe it came to this--what a brutal ending. Poor Nick! Poor Greg! Poor Nick! But I have to say--things were getting so distant and angsty between them that it would have been a betrayal of the story just to wrap it up in a fluffy pink bow. Sheesh, you're a good writer (I like a gal who doesn't pull her punches.) How long will you make us wait for the next installment?

Author's Response: It is, isn't it? It depressed ME. This is the first unhappy ending I think I've written, but I love what you said: with the distance and misunderstanding between them, it would have been fake to wrench them back together. And Greg needed to learn how much he loves Nick. Thank you very much for saying that you think I'm a good writer. It means a lot to me. GSpd 6 is all written and my betas have it. I will post just as soon as I get it back from them. Thank you again. :-)

ozzcrow 08/03/07 - 09:36PM 13: 13/13
Okay, I'm with Dark CSI...... I'm gonna be depressed now. I know things can't be all great and happy all the time. When are you planing to post the next story? A day, a week, a year? Great story love it. Keep em commin'

Author's Response: I am so sorry. I didn't want to depress people, although I did depress myself, in fact I can't believe I even wrote this. I can't give you a date, because that depends on the betas. GSpd 6 is written and they're working on it. I write a lot of words, sadly, so who knows but it should be soon. I promise to post as soon as I get it back. Thank you very much, though. And trust me, I'll fix it. :-D I'm not sure I can stop keeping them coming, actually.

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