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Reviews for Thought I Saw You In Vegas (Old Habits Die Hard)

RurouniHime 02/23/07 - 01:37AM 1: Thought I Saw You In Vegas (Old Habits Die Hard)
This is a very smooth, very contemplative, very true-to-character ride through the dredges and dark places in the CSI lifestyle. I love the careful attention and... well, devotion, you might say, that you've given to all the characters here. Nick in particular was the perfect climax after some very nice set-ups with Sofia and Warrick, Sara and Catherine. For a while this season, I could feel Nick slowly losing his grip. Greg's assault was definitely the darkest point, the point so near the bottom, I was afraid for not only Nick's sanity, but Greg's as well, of course. Now I feel they are both rallying, but you have done such a wonderful job of showing how easy it is to slip back into old behaviors, and how that's not always a bad thing.

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you for that. I was trying so hard to keep them as true to the characters that we've come to know and love during the course of the show. I have to admit that I was being very intentional in keeping the hope with Nick and showing that, as you put it, sliding into old habits isn't always a bad thing. I'm still concerned that Nick's about to go tumbling back after the latest episode and the line that's probably going to generate a lot of fic. But he does seem to slowly, ever so slowly, coming around. Here's hoping! Thank you for such a wonderful a review. :D

shacky20 02/21/07 - 09:06AM 1: Thought I Saw You In Vegas (Old Habits Die Hard)
Do you have any idea how much I loved this, well let me tell you. I loved this. Every part, You managed to capture each character so perfectly, inside their heads, their deepest fears and lives unseen. You even made me feel sorry for Catherine and Sara, you took a spin on that which I can so see, happiness is unattainable for some people, and even when they reach what they believe to be their heart's desire, they are still left unfulfilled. Even Sophia, I believe you caputred her so perfectly, and Nick, poor sweet broken Nick... This my dear, is bittersweet perfection is writing.....

Author's Response: You make my head swell so much, sweetie. I have to admit that I'm quite impressed with the reaction this is generating in everyone. The characters just kept talking to me and telling me they wanted people to realize that they had a human side that was being somewhat marginalized on the show lately. As you already know, I was really quite nervous about the Sofia part, but looking back, I'm starting to see what everyone else saw. Broken!Nick keeps talking to me, so there's a possibility that there might be a follow-up of sorts. We'll have to see what he says. Thank you so much, my dear. *hugs*

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