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Reviews for The Once Future King: Part 1, The Boyhood

Tuppence 12/21/07 - 08:34PM 14: Boyhood Ch. 14
I don't know why I had trouble starting this story but after 2o3 tries I finally got going and I was very pleased that I didn't give up. It was very will written and kept my interest. The end had a surprise twist at there with the judge treating Greg nice. I look forward to starting the second in the series. I hope the boys get back together because they are soooo good together.

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you stuck with it and didn't give up. The judge has many surprises he has one at the end of the second part as well. The judge really isn't a bad guy, he has his character flaws... but he's not a bad guy he just wants what's best and it will make sense. They will, but it won't be until the third part... It will make sense... thanks for reading, and thanks for the reply... I am truly glad.... ~M

Zodiac32 10/01/07 - 11:45PM 14: Boyhood Ch. 14
Hmm... that was a really interesting story. At first, while I was reading it, I wasn't sure I'd like it; especially because they were so young and Greg practically being Nick's adopted brother. But the more I read, the more the story sucked me in and explained things better. It was nice. Good job. :)

Author's Response: Well thank you, Zodiac32, You should know that part 2 is being posted... now, thank you for the reply... Gosh I would have gotten here sooner, but Time ran short.... ~M

Black Ace Sanders 06/23/07 - 01:51PM 14: Boyhood Ch. 14
Okay, that was awesome! Great ending, great everything, although I think Greg forgave Bill a little too easily, what with Bill having took away Nick and all. Now ya gotta hurry with the second part, please?

Author's Response: He didn't forgive him exactly... he just tolerates him.. and is not exactly angry... and you wouldn't believe how close the 2nd part is to being posted... I am so excited.... I am glad that you enjoyed it... I hope you will enjoy the second part as well.


DisasterousLetdown 05/18/07 - 03:34AM 14: Boyhood Ch. 14
Okay I finally got around to reading your story, sorry it took me so long. I absolutely adored this story though. It was so lovely, yet devastating at the same time, It just makes you want to hug Greg and Nick because of all the pain they were put through. It truly was an amazing story girl. It was so sad, yet quite heartfelt in the end... bittersweet in a way. But yeah, I loved it. You did a great job!

Lonewolfe001 12/31/06 - 03:17PM 14: Boyhood Ch. 14
Greg cannot forgive bill so easily . He took away the most important thing from greg ..he took away nick .

Author's Response: Well HE will get Nick back... not only that But Nick will come to him... so... this way he won't be destroyed by the anger... ^_^ -Mys

NikkiCee 12/29/06 - 11:20PM 1: Boyhood Ch. 1
Yay! New chapter... Too bad it's the last for now. See, it makes sense now, lol...Love this story, hurry with the second part, it's getting really good.

Author's Response: Yeah I know... well at least the first part of it makes sense... there will be completely new confusions and stuff in Part 2... Have fun... hope to see you reading part 2 -MYS ^_^

Jodine16 12/29/06 - 08:11PM 14: Boyhood Ch. 14

Wow, what an ending. I wonder if Nick's going to fully remember the love he had for Greg. That part still makes me feel really sad. I guess now I can see Bill's reasons for how he treated Greg, but that doesn't mean I agree with it.

EEEE I so can't wait for the next part!

Author's Response: Good, I can't wait 'til the next part is ready.... (I wish it were now... it's just not...) stay tuned... -Mys ^_^

ArmyBrat101 12/29/06 - 12:34PM 13: Boyhood Ch. 13
Hmmm.. Bill's acting a little shady and I don't like it one bit. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Shady? Okay out of what you expected I am sure... but... Shady?SHRUG... okay I guess it's time to update you all... -Mys

Lonewolfe001 12/29/06 - 06:42AM 13: Boyhood Ch. 13
WTF?? Bill is being nice to Greg (hell must have frozen over). I still do not trust Bill. I know that you said that Bill just neglected Greg but he did more that that verbal & emotional abuse is abuse. what he did to nick was horrifying as well. please let LOVE prevail. ps. who is paying for Greg's tuition??

Author's Response: Bill is... The clothes the tuition, everything is paid by Bill... (Ironically out of the money Olaf gave him...) The only real abuse he sustained is emotional... Bills not really such a bad guy... he's just... paranoid... (You will see why later...) -Mys

NikkiCee 12/28/06 - 11:49PM 13: Boyhood Ch. 13
Wow, awesome story so far. I did feel really sorry for Greg, and still do, it's just now I'm all WTF? But I agree with the thing about his heritage, can't wait to find out:) Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you NikkiCee... I appreciate it... However, most of the stuff will be about Bill and what he did... but there will be something learned about Greg's past... though not much unfortunately.... Each part will have something more... -Hope you keep reading thank you again -Mys

ZoZoBo 12/28/06 - 08:49PM 13: Boyhood Ch. 13
The chapter was good.. There were a few thing at the end.. one part where it said he and I think it meant they.. but other than that good.. little short. Can't wait for the next one! Luch with the ipod

Author's Response: Meh you can't have each and every be long... besides... I am keeping them consistently about the same.. and the iPod's not the issue iTUNES programmers don't know how to speak simpleton... -Mys...

dagsrommer 12/28/06 - 03:15PM 13: Boyhood Ch. 13
I'm curious as to where you're taking this story...... Hm....

Author's Response: Hmmm well if you MUST know.. College... Thanks... -Mys...

Jodine16 12/28/06 - 01:00PM 13: Boyhood Ch. 13
Oh dear, now I'm befuddled. No, wait, I'm not, because Bill's doing this because he's going to tell Greg his real heritage, isn't he? EEE can't wait for tomorrow!!

Author's Response: Well... Bill isn't really all bad... he really isn't.... He never whipped Greg without their being a reason why... he neglected him yeah... but other than that... He's never been outlandishly cruel to him... and here he is giving a huge gift to Greg... which basically will be his reward money... All his reward money is going to Greg... in other forms... Education to you name it... He won't see it in Hard form but I guessed you figured that... -Mys

ZoZoBo 12/27/06 - 11:06PM 12: Boyhood Ch. 12
Hey glad you had a good chirstmas. Ipod issues.. download itunes.. but make sure your music on your computer is all set first. Once you got itunes loaded.... just plug the thing in and wait. DON'T TOUCH IT. I sucks it up and BOOM it works. hehe. Anyways about the chapter.. it was.. sad but good.. one left right? depressing. O well I love it keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks... actually there are 2 more left... 14 total... So close to the end... it's sad... But... part 2 will be well errotic? LMAO Maybe I said too much....

Jodine16 12/27/06 - 08:35PM 12: Boyhood Ch. 12

Poor Nick, but i feel more sorry for Greg. No I really want to give Greg a hug. Lol, i can see it now, they (Nick/George and Greg/Eric, that is) will be on the set reading their lines and suddenly some girl will come up crying giving them big hugs then just wander off, leaving them totally confused. ^^

I love how you're tying this up with Greg's history. It's really well done.

Author's Response: ^_^ Thank you... OH BY THE WAY IF ANYONE HAS AN iPOD and KNOWS how to use it REALLY well... I could use your HELP! -Mys

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