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Reviews for Go And Mess Up All The Plans

Tomica84 09/26/07 - 04:04PM 1: one
More! What happened on day two?

Claire_D 12/03/06 - 03:11AM 1: one
Great fic, wonderful smut :) You rock! :P

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

mickeylover303 12/03/06 - 03:06AM 1: one
Talk about hot...Still staring at my bed. Fortunately, I'm not going to be able to get your imagery out of my mind for a long time.

Author's Response: I'm glad that that's a good thing! XD Thank you!

Jodine16 12/03/06 - 01:35AM 1: one
Drool and keyboards don't mix! Man that was fricking hot!

Author's Response: Whoops! And thank you!

citytoflames 12/03/06 - 12:21AM 1: one
“Tell me this is about me and I will rock your world.” I think I like...died right about there. This...this is good smut. Very good smut. *claps obnoxiously* :D

Author's Response: *enjoys the applause* Glad you liked it so much!

ChemFishee 12/02/06 - 11:11PM 1: one
Okay, demon. Remember how you were saying that you didn't understand how you went from being associated with angst to being the "porn girl"? This is how! Funny, sweet, charming, devious, and highly entertaining! Yay for awkward scenarios! Yay for Nick and Greg being forced to share a bed! Yay for your porn!

Author's Response: You do have a point... But I still have my angst! I swear it. Sarah has actually just beta'd the first chapter of doom...
But I do like the smut, and then this story, I did actually love. I think it's one of my favorites. Yeah, it totally is.

kennedy 12/02/06 - 05:42PM 1: one
This? This is my happy face.

Author's Response: I made you have a happy face? Hurrah!

shacky20 12/02/06 - 12:37PM 1: one
Well, how about you both come here, write me smut like this, I can make Christmas cookies and candy, and still have beer and or wine, and then we can find out what the boys will do the rest of the time while Nick is there? K? Sounds like a plan to me...

Author's Response: Hmmm. That *also* sounds like a plan... I need the proper amount of alcohol, though. Too much and I can't write because of the dumb...

Serenity 12/02/06 - 10:48AM 1: one
Come and live with me and write me hot hot fics like this every day. I'll supply the cookies and beer.

Author's Response: Cookies *and* beer? I'm so there! XD

Lonewolfe001 12/02/06 - 10:37AM 1: one
THAT WAS SUPER HOT !! can you please send me the link to the onebedficathon

Author's Response: Thank you! And the link's been sent!

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