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Reviews for Greg Sanders, private dick #3

dagsrommer 12/16/06 - 05:03PM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5
So a #4 and #5..... and baby steps........... I need a new chapter. And then I'' throw work on you.... but I need you to write everything. You know what - screw RL, write full time!

This means I finally have read all of this so far. I hope you received my email where I told you why I can read your AU, because this is really good!

Lonewolfe001 11/30/06 - 01:03PM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5
Wow! there is a number 5. *does happy dance*

Author's Response: Oh dear, how did I miss your review? But thank you, I think there's going to be a #7 too. groan. I'm addicted. :-D But so happy that you're happy!

pretty_apathetic 11/29/06 - 12:30PM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5
Okay, so you already know I love all your stuff, and I'm sorry I don't comment much (mostly because I keep forgetting my password for this place), but I just have to say how much I love this series. You've got their personalities down pat eventhough they're doing things that are different from how we see them in non AU. *applauds*

Author's Response: Oh, that's okay, you can tell me again. >;-p LOL. I understand the whole password thing. I am so glad to hear that. Comments are really the only way you know if someone likes the story, but I'm so addicted to them in this series, I think I'd write it no one commented. THat's a great compliment and I thank you. I actually think the show presents Greg as smart, resourceful, able to solve mysteries and tough, but then kind of doesn't let him own it. So I'm glad to do it for him. Thank you very, very much! :-D

Lonewolfe001 11/27/06 - 01:50PM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5

Author's Response: Thank you very much! And #4 is in beta. I'm struggling with #5. Unfortunately I have to eat and I'm a little swamped with work, sadly, so the going is slow. But I hope to write more! Thank you again. :-D

PsychoGeek 11/26/06 - 10:30PM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5
Yay! Another great end to another case. I really love Nick and Greg in this AU. It just keeps getting better and better. And I can't wait to find out what happened to Greg. It's been bothering me since the beginning. I can't wait for the next installment.

Author's Response: God, I love them in this too. It's like once i'm in their world, I don't want to come out, but I have to, in order to earn a living. I am so glad that you like this and keep telling me. It's really great to get comments. Thank you very much! :-D

cercis 11/26/06 - 07:57PM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5
I started with wanting to read this just for the NC17 part (AU is not generally my thing) but I got hopelessly lost in the story. THEN I just had to go and read the first two which are equally as wonderful. Words cannot express how much I love this story, I found myself checking this site everyday to see if it was updated. I love the whole film-noir take especially after Rashomama its so Greg, it almost makes me think of Nick and Greg on a hallodeck from Star Trek (I know I am a geek, but this is so well written). I love how Nick is a bad guy (well more like an anti-hero) but yet he is still so Nick, so just loving and caring towards Greg you could especially see that in the missing scene that you wrote. The feelings that they have for each other are almost tangible. I can’t wait for case #4 to come out I have a feeling its going to be great and we get to find out who hurt Greg! I just hope Nick makes sure whoever it is doesn’t get a chance to do it again, (Actually I really hope Nick hurts whoever did it!) But we will find out soon…I hope. Man I have to work on writing shorter reviews.

Author's Response: Boy, what a nice review! I have to admit, I have a love for the NC-17, (as I hope I show in my writing of it) and I used to avoid AUs like the plague. Then I found myself writing them. Le sigh. And this story was inspired when I saw Rashomama. He just seemed so perfect for a noirish 'tec and I was so amused when he questioned those two girls who were flirting with him. He so clearly had NO chemistry with them whatsoever, and his chemistry with Nick is so strong, I started wondering what life was like for gay men in those days. And you don't have to work on shorter reviews AT ALL! I love this one. It's the only reward and motivation we get to keep writing. There is something about a bad boy, and Nick is such a nice bad boy. I think he knew he wanted Greg for keeps the first time he saw him, and he's being very cagy, not pressing so much that Greg runs away. And yeah, their feelings are stronger than the societal pressure of the time or their own fears. I hope you'll find out soon too, but it's longer than this one and I have to wait for my betas. Otherwise I can't post a chapter everyday. Thank you so much for such lovely comments! You've made me really happy. :-D

Zrondia 11/26/06 - 01:45AM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5
I've been keeping up with this story, but now I finally have time to review it since the holiday is finished. I love how much Nick and Greg's relationship grows in GSPD #3. I also like the way Greg is strengthening his bonds with Sam Braun and his organization. He already has ties to the PD and it seems like a good move for a private dick to have friends on both sides of the law ; ) Of course my favorite part was the rescuing of Nick, although the scene with the bimbo at the end is a close second. Great story as always and I'm eagerly awaiting case #4!

Author's Response: Yes, I don't know what I was thinking posting it when I did. Guess I just went nuts. I had hoped to get it all posted before T-day, but I didn't. Yeah, I think Greg was attracted but too wary to think of maybe getting into something, but their fate is inevitable. The chemistry is so strong, they can't stay away from each other. I can guarantee that they'll get mad at each other and fight, but I don't think they can stay apart, now that they've found each other. and it is a good move to have ties on both sides. It's like having stoolies. and he can get help from either side, because they know he himself is to be trusted. And his ties to Sam Braun are built on finding out who killed Cath, so Sam feels indebted to him, instead of the other way around. Thank you very much, I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I think it might be a wait, beta, ya know. :-D

shacky20 11/25/06 - 09:52PM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5
My dear, what can I say. I loved everything from the party, to Warrick's protectiveness, to the boys kidnapping Greg again,and Greg to the rescue, and you make Nigel just as creepy here as he was in the show. I mean, this case was my favoirte by far. We got to learn so much more about the boys, and Greg' s losing himself in Nick, and he knows it, knows it might now be a good thing, but can't stop it, doens't want to. Do I really have to tell you how psyched I am for the next case to find out what happened to Greg? We got to learn about Nick and some of his past, but now it's Greg's turn. I loved the way you wrote Sam and Lily in this chapter, and it now seems that Greg has made Sam's inner circle. ANd I love the whole Warrick and Archie thing, how protectiving Warrick is, yet the way to treats Greg, since he knows he's so good for Nick. Absoulutely fabulous job, and now I got to read all of it. I'l write a better review on your lj tomorrow, I'm way beyond tired to so had to tell you I finally got around to finishing this, and so cannot wait until #4, you my dear, have me beyond addicted, I loved getting my fix every morning, you have such a talent I can't even begin to explain. And the way you've written everyone, I care about what happens to them, Warrick and Archie, even Sara and Grissom, and I loved how Lily took Sara under her wing. OK done, for now, expect for praise soon

Author's Response: Hey, this IS praise. It's not like you could actually do it better! It was easy to make Nigel as creepy as the show, because the show already did it. LOL. Ithink you're really going to like the next one, because the four boys are growing together into something that will be a big thing for them. And I don't mean a fourway. Snork. But I think they are all protective in many ways of each other. I mean, even tho Nick is sort of an anti-hero, he wouldn't out Archie and vice versa. In GSpd2, he was upset that someone used his club to get to Archie. There's more of Nick's past to come out too. and even tho we learn some of what happened to Greg, I think there will still be ramifications. Believe me, I am so addicted myself that I don't want to come out once I immerse myself in their universe. Damn this needing money! Thank you very much for heaping such lovely praise on me. I truly appreciate it. :-D

KliqzAngel 11/25/06 - 08:36PM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5
Just wanted to say I love all of these stories. I am really glad there's gonna be another one!

Author's Response: Oh, boy, and am I glad. Because somehow I got sucked into their universe and it seems like I'm not coming out soon. Thank you!

Dreama 11/25/06 - 05:26AM 5: Green Eyes Are Watching 5/5
Ahhhhh, I love this story. So great. And so realistic. I start seeing the private Dick in Greg now, when I watch CSI, damn you for convincing me in all this things. First Warick/Archie with Pirates, now the dick, and Nick as the criminal with a heart and a soul. But you just have this great way of explaining things and convincing people to see them as well.
I love the ending with Sam being such a great man and bringing the drinks to Warrick and then of course the brunette going all 'Who is Warwick?' Damn her.
But I've got a question. The sentence Archie crossed his arms and Looked at me. I Looked right back at him. We both had good Looks competing against each other. ... is there a reason why you wrote all the 'looks' with capital letters?
Still love it and can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you, you have just paid me the greatest compliment! When you say I make things convincing, I just do the *happy dance* because, wow, that is the best thing that you could say. I have to laugh about the Warrick/Archie pairing thing, but Greg has all the qualities he really needs to be a private dick. He's chosen (in our time) to be a CSI, but I could totally see him as a pd in the 40's. Well, Sam needed a little push, but I thought he took it like a man. And the brunette was just a little joke about people who spell Warrick's name wrong in fanfic. Hee! Ok, in English we do not capitalize nouns, as you know. I did upper case the word Look, to indicate that it was a special look, like, I know you and I'm not going to let you get away with this. That's all. Thank you, honey. :-D

PsychoGeek 11/23/06 - 10:51PM 3: Green Eyes Are Watching 3/5
Great chapter! Very funny and I'm really getting into the mystery. Can't wait to read more. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Author's Response: Cool, I'm glad you're liking the mystery. They're hard to write. Thank you very much and I hope you'll enjoy all the way. Happy Thanksgiving to you and I hope you had a nice one. :-D

shacky20 11/23/06 - 01:35PM 2: Green Eyes Are Watching 2/5
OK, finally got part 2 read, I'm really loving this case, better than the other two even, maybe because we are getting to know Nick better, know him before, how he got involved. Loved the Warrick hitting on Greg scene, but Archie, poor guy. Hope that gets fixed, and OK Nigel is still creeping me out, what esle is new. Really liked the Greg Sam questions, so does Sam know Nick is gay? He seems to think of him more as a son. Can't wait until the party, that should be fun. As always wonderful chapter, your talent for this is just amazing....

Author's Response: I have a feeling that as the series develops we're going to learn more about both of them and their rel will develop. See, I know how Nick got to be a crook, but I think that won't come until case #7 or so. I kind of liked Warrick doing the clichéd come on line, and Greg calling him on it. I think even if men are committed to another person, they're not dead and it's just human to react. Nigel is pretty creepy. I think revelations about what Sam knows will come in a later story. Not everything gets solved in each one. Thank you very much! :-D

shacky20 11/23/06 - 09:35AM 3: Green Eyes Are Watching 3/5
Yeah More, me bad. I'm still reading part 2, yesterday was way too busy, so I'm spending my Thanksgiving morning baking cinniman rolls and reading this, and now I have a whole other chapter, I'm loving part 2, I'm halfway through and now I have more, so off to finish Part 2 and then over here!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you honey. Mmmm, cinnamon rolls, love them. I have been bad about comments because I had all this baking to do as well. Le sigh. And now it's after t-day and I'm quite tired, but so grateful for the comments, I just have to answer. Thank you. :-D

Rpgirl 11/23/06 - 08:16AM 3: Green Eyes Are Watching 3/5
I love this story! It's so...there's not even a word for how good it is!

Author's Response: Woot! Thank you very much! That's high praise indeed. :-D We aim to please.

Lonewolfe001 11/22/06 - 11:51AM 2: Green Eyes Are Watching 2/5
I just love this series. Great job Catlover.Please update soon, I will check my PC every evening.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm so glad you're enjoying it. It's so nice when people take the time to tell me. I really appreciate it. And I will post every evening. :-D

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