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Reviews for Dark Places

ItGlitters 11/20/06 - 01:02PM 1: 1/1 Collab by Kennedy_unkown & Catlover2x
There are no words... I take my hat off to you two.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much. Sometimes that speaks volumes.

ChemFishee 11/19/06 - 09:30PM 1: 1/1 Collab by Kennedy_unkown & Catlover2x
Once again, you two have combined to produce a truly first-rate story. I love the interaction between Wendy and Jillian, especially since I can't ever recall it being done. I also absolutely adore the fact that you included Papa Olaf as a reminder that Nick doesn't always know the right thing to do. It was a good touch to the character. Like everyone else, I will wait patiently for the sequel.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much. How nice that we managed to hit on something that hadn't been done. Makes me feel a little creative, esp as we have just been discussing the whole "There is nothing new under the sun" thing. I think on the show, it's so clear that Papa Olaf is a very important person in Greg's life. I imagined that he was the person Greg connected most with and would be the one who is able to bring him back, even if he had to yell at him. I have to admit, it surprised me a little when he did. I'm glad you appreciate that Nick doesn't always know what to do and that he got angry with Greg. It just seems more realistic. Thank you for lovely comments. :-D

shacky20 11/19/06 - 07:03PM 1: 1/1 Collab by Kennedy_unkown & Catlover2x
Sequel, do I hear mention of a sequel? I so love how you have Greg actually seeing both sides, not just blaming himself after the initial shock, and I liked his mom in this one, and Jillian and Wendy being friends, that nice to see next to the Nick's parents hate him for being gay which is sometimes interesting, but it's also nice to see the other side, and the boys helping each other, leaning on one another..... And I'd love to see Greg with his nieces and nephews

Author's Response: We will have a sequel whenever TPTB tell us what happens. I'm terrified that maybe Eric didn't sign up for S8 and this is their way of getting rid of him. It is sometimes interesting to see the intolerant parents or sibs, but so many people wrote Jillian that way at first, and I really liked the face of the actress who played her, so I went the other way. Then after VLB, I imagined them having a friendship, even tho they are different women. Ooops, gotta post the next chapter of Baby Steps, lots of Greg with the nieces and nephs in there. I'm so glad you enjoyed this. And so generous of you to say so. Thank you, sweetie. :-D

DCGirl13 11/19/06 - 02:36PM 1: 1/1 Collab by Kennedy_unkown & Catlover2x
Wonderful story! Is there a previous story with Wendy and Jillian in it? I hope you do a follow up to this one.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Actually I wrote an AU called The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Vulgar Little Beasties in Love, in which we see some of Greg's troubled relationship with his mother and how Papa Olaf steps in and becomes the most important person in his life until he meets Nick. Jillian is in that story and she does know Wendy. But in my mind, I kind of continued the relationship for them, turning it into a friendship. So it's not exactly like this. And we will follow up, we just have to see what TPTB do to them. Thank you! :-D

notWanted 11/19/06 - 06:32AM 1: 1/1 Collab by Kennedy_unkown & Catlover2x
Woow I liked that story=D..Poor Greg,i feel sorry for him=( Great Norwegian by the wrote it right=P (sorry bad english)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Yes, poor Greg was a mess when they got through with him. I don't know if you saw the show, but they made him look really pathetic. And thank you for the kudos on the Norwegian, but we can't take credit. We're smart enough to know that we know nothing, so we asked Dagdrommer, who is Norwegian. She's so generous, she always comes through. So thank you again to Dagdrommer, for making us look good! :-D

Liriel 11/19/06 - 12:25AM 1: 1/1 Collab by Kennedy_unkown & Catlover2x
Have I ever told you how much I love your angst? My angst loving little heart adores this story! Poor Greggy, so upset about killing that stupid kid who shouldn't have been there and definitely shouldn't have attacked the car. Poor Nicky, feeling helpless and unable to cope with Greg so lost. *cuddles him, cause hey,any excuse will do* I'm very happy the boys had Papa Olaf there to help them. It was nice to see Jillian and Wendy being there for each other too. Stellar story!

Author's Response: You are too nice to us, honey. Thank you for saying that. That was such a difficult ep to watch, as you well know, since you were here, watching it with me. Watching someone you love get hurt is horrid and I was horrified that Greg didn't fight back. And poor Nick is all upset with Greg for putting himself in harm's way and then getting upset with himself for being angry. It's just all very angsty. And Greg hasn't really contemplated being in a position to kill someone. He doesn't carry a gun. I really did like the friendship between Jillian and Wendy, they are such different women, but it makes it so much nicer for the boys when the inlaws get along. Thank you so much. I always love your reviews and thank you for beta-ing. Zen huggles. :-D

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